Happily Adopted

Our “happily ever after” page of warm fuzzies!


Just thought I would up date you on another successful rescue with tomcat, he is doing very well he has grown a lot and is really big, he is healthy too, and well loved, he still has a little skid dish attitude but he loves to cuddle now. I just wanted to up date you on his progress, sugar pie is so spoiled and loved to I call her my diva queen, they both got lucky to come to live with us and we are lucky to have to such wonderful babies.   Thank you.

From Tomcat and Sugar Pie's family

SIG (formerly Gabriel)

Just wanted to say thank you for your work in rescuing and connecting us with Gabriel! We have renamed him Sig (short for Mysig which is the Swedish word for "cozy.") He is a great cat and perfect for our family: laid back, very affectionate and cuddly, curious, well-mannered. We love him a lot and are so glad to have him! It's crazy to think that he was due to be euthanized this month - he's such a sweet guy in his prime - and we have you to thank for preventing that from happening!

He has settled in to our house pretty quickly this week
and has his routine down - he's now the king of the place
and has already been nominated for Chief Fly Hunter and
Best Bird Watcher 🙂 We sure love him.
(From Sig's happy family)


Boogie at homeThis was ur guy Boogie Man !! His life is good. His home is secured. A big part of out family. Thsnx again.

(From Boogie Man's forever family)


Santa Fe at homeJust wanted to say a sincere thank you for all you do. This is our boy Sante Fe who we welcomed into our home a few weeks before Christmas. That shy kitty we picked up exists no more. He has such a different and playful personality -- he is a true joy to have around.

(From Sante Fe's loving family)


Ivan at homeOur family adopted Ivan just over a year ago and we couldn’t be more in love with him. 

He is a very happy, loving cat.   He loves his family (especially his dog “brother”) and goes for walks in the neighborhood with us.  Your service is fantastic and we appreciate how you helped Ivan and us find one another.

(From Ivan's happy family)

GIGI (formerly Niji)

niji-at-homeShe is doing great. She loves us and we love her😻

(From Gigi's new loving family)


smokey-joe-at-homeIt's been a year since I adopted Smokey Joe.  He has blossomed into a loving, playful companion.  I can't thank you enough for letting me adopt him.

From Smokey Joe's forever family


nala-at-homeI got nala from you guys around thanksgiving last year she was only 8months than she is doing well and plays with the dog

From Nala's happy family


Mr Marbles at homeHere are some pictures of Talisker/Mr Marbles, with his new friends. The other cats have finally decided he is one of the family, and the dogs and people are devoted to him. He's a perfect fit for our family, and he seems very happy here.

From Mr Marbles family


Gracie-Penelope at homePenelope' (formally known as Gracie) is a huge blessing! I love her SO much! Everyday she's smiling and so loving. She plays with our other cat regularly (it's like they are sisters!). I just wanted to thank Clear Creek Cat Rescue again for this precious little one! She has filled a place in my heart that can never be replaced

(From Gracie/Penelope's new family)


Cali at homeWe are forever greatful to for letting us adopt our girls from you! Dizzy at homeThanks again!

(From Cali and Dizzy's happy family)


cHESTNUT AT HOMEJust wanted to give you an update on "Chestnut" now Lincoln.  We love him and he's doing great and loves his new brothers! Thanks for being such a great rescue and giving these sweet kitties a chance at a forever home. I know Link has found his! 🐈

From Chestnut's happy family


Kiki at home3I cannot begin to thank you enough for helping bring Kiki into our lives. She has gone so far from being a slightly nervous shelter cat with a mildly infected eye to being queen of the house telling our 6 month old pit bull whose boss. Thank you so so much!

From Kiki's happy family



Kiki at home 1Kiki and her new buddy Luna.
Kiki was one of the best things that has happened to me, she helped me so much after everything that happened with my Leo. We can't imagine our lives without her now. Thank you so much to CCCR and to Carol who was Kiki's foster.

(From Kiki's happy family.)


Henry at homeHenry is doing great in his new home. He came in house-trained and was purring at us from the start. Just like his bio said, he has been amazing with the kids and relaxed and even friendly with our young dog. We are all extremely grateful for Henry. I can tell he was in great hands at the rescue prior to our adoption. Henry is a wonderful addition to our home and we look forward to all the play, mischief, and love that comes with welcoming a cat into the home. Thank you

(From Henry's happy family)


Chunky at homeWe, (the entire family) are forever thankful for him finding and choosing us. When I held him at Petzoo, I swear he hugged me.

From Chunky's happy family


Cleopatra Luna at homeWe are just as happy with Cleopatra Luna (previously known as Amnie) now as we were when we adopted her almost 3yrs ago come March. She went from being such a shy girl to being a big lover and even let's my toddler push her around when they play. She has never struck someone, bit or any other issues. She has helped many fosters come out of thier shell as well in her time with us and we are considering getting back into fostering again soon now that the baby is older. Thank you CCCR for rescuing her & bringing her to us. We, as well as everyone who comes in contact with her absolutely love her. Here's to MANY more years to come.

From Luna's happy family


Bippy at homeJust wanted to share how Bippy is doing! She doesn't care for our other cats (obviously), but she just stays in our room/on suite anyways. She has everything she needs in here lol. She loves cuddling with us when it's time for bed. We close up the other cats once a day so she can get her energy out. Seriously, my husband wasn't a cat person. But her? He ADORES her lol. And he's very protective of her 😂. They have kind of the same personality I think, haha! She's a very sweet cat, and I'm so glad we found her .

From Bippy's loving family


Chloe at homeWe adopted Chloe from CCCR back in 2013. She was my very first foster from them and my entire family just fell in love with her. She is truly an amazing cat and I couldn't bare to adopt her out so we ended up adopting her. Since then she has lived a very spoiled life with tons of love and kisses. So thank you so much Clear Creek Cat Rescuefor letting my family adopt her because she truly completed my family and could not imagine us without her. Everything that your rescue does means so much, not only to the cats but to the humans as well.

-From Chloe's wonderful family


Wiley at homeMy 4th baby (first 3 are small humans haha) Wiley and he loves selfies just as much as me!!! We're a perfect pair. I totally lucked out with this rescue kitty. We longed to give a forever home to a cat who needed a family and deserved lots of love and attention and holding him in my arms I just knew I had to bring him home right away. Thank you to @Clear Creek Cat Rescue Organization. They have wonderful cats who need homes!

From Wiley's wonderful new family


Cleo on at homeKnow that this little girl has been such a blessing for these last few years and I'm so glad we have her!  Never a doubt this is where she is supposed to be!  Couldn't be any happier!

From Cleo's happy family


Boris with adopterWe are in love! And he loves us 😉
After about 4 weeks he is finally coming downstairs during the day to play with the family. He is SO good with our children. He loves to purr and be touched!

From Boris' happy family


Cleo at homeI adopted "Cleo" in December. I was totally skeptical of this cat but the foster and the rep, saw the perfect cat for us. She plays with my four year old, hangs out with the dog and house rabbit and is just a gentle well adjusted cat who can still manage the voles in the yard. Thanks all who suggested her. We love Miss Cleo.

From Cleo's happy family


Oskar at homeIt was a year ago today our family adopted Oskar (Pretty Boy). He has turned into a wonderful addition but he was a quite the character the first few months! It took toys, active playtime, a cat tree & LOTS of patience before he stopped being aggressive with the other 2 cats in the family. Once he figured out he wasn't going anywhere & what was and wasn't acceptable he settled right down. He has provide our family with lots of laughter with his goofy antics and has become a faithful companion to our son. We love him so much & can't imagine our lives without him. Thank you CCCR for all you & your fosters do to save these wonderful creatures and give them the chance for happy lives!

From Oskar's forever family.



Suzette and Pluto in new homeour beautiful sue. she has come out of her shell soooo much! she even greets people when they come in our house now! she snuggles with me every night at bedtime. and pluto! oh my gosh, what a love! he's so precocious, and he acts like such a baby somtimes. he is the baby of our little zoo!

thank you again for all of the work you do!

From Suzette and Pluto's loving forever family


Einstein at homePoor kitty has such a hard life 😛 he loves his best friends Todd and Kira 🙂 we are so glad we were able to adopt this little cutie who's growing up so fast!

From Einstein's new family


Sammie at homeI adopted Sammie from you in January 2013. He is an indispensible part of our family! I just wanted to share with you how happy we all are!

From Sammie's loving family


Oliver at homeOliver is doing great! He is such a sweet boy. It took him almost no time to adjust to our home. It's hard to believe he is only been with us a few days. We're all head over heels for him! Thank you again for the perfect match for our family!!

From Oliver's loving family


Syne in new homeYou guys are so awesome! Syne (to be renamed later) is an absolute sweetheart. He's been accepted by our dog and cat and is an angel. Keep up the great work!

(From Syne's new family)


Enna at homeEnna has quickly become queen of our house. She is vocal and at times it seems like you're having a conversation with her. Enna greets us at the door and follows us around the house, supervising our chores and activities. At night, Enna cuddles between our heads, at our feet, and often makes a little cave deep under the covers. She also likes to have a cup of water on the nightstand just in case she gets thirsty. Enna makes our family complete and we are so happy she found us. Thanks, Clear Creek Cat Rescue!

-Enna's Forever Family


Cali in new homeShe is charming and we are blessed !

(From Cali's forever mom)


Lillian-Amber in new homeAbout 2 1/2 years ago we adopted (Lillian) now Amber from you folks. She is doing great very vocal and living life. We love her very much and so happy. Thank you again!

(From Amber's forever family)


Jasmine at homeWe adopted Jasmine, the pretty girl on the right from Clear Creek a couple months ago and it's moments like these we know she's found her forever home. Such a sweet cat, wanted to say thanks and share the photo!

(From Jasmine's forever family.)


Sheba at homeSheba is doing great in her new home! She is so gentle and shy and loves to be around people. She got to explore the entire house on her first day here and she comes out and want to be petted all the time. She is very spoiled.

(From Sheba's new family)


GuinevereWhen I was 22 I adopted Guinevere from CCCR. She had been abandoned in a car and would cry when she was alone and growl whenever she heard a vehicle. Three years later, she and I have made a wonderful new family! She never growls anymore and she only cries when she wants some of our food. Thank you, Clear Creek Cat Rescue for uniting me with this wonderful girl!

From Guinevere's wonderful loving family


Kali MaiWe adopted Karli (formerly Kali Mae) through Clear Creek Cat Rescue last fall. We wanted to check in and let you all know how she is doing  From the minute we brought her home she fit in perfectly! She is the sweetest, most loyal and affectionate cat I've ever met. We are so happy we adopted through you guys and thankful that Karli is a part of our family! Thank you!

From Kali Mae's happy family


Tazzy familyTazzy--now Max..is another CCCR success story. He is perfect for our family an immediately liked by all. Thanks again for everything!

From Tazzy's loving forever family


charlie feb 2013We love, Love, LOVE Charlie Chaplin!  I can’t imagine how we got along without him!   We own 3 dogs and never thought we were ‘cat’ people, but something compelled us to get Charlie, and he has changed our lives.    When he curls up on our lap (or chest... or face...) and starts purring, its hard to remember that there are any troubles in the world.   He is the most entertaining, most relaxed, and most emotionally healthy member of our family.  Dogs and humans included!   Adopting Charlie ranks up among the best decisions we ever made.   And remember.... we are NOT cat people! – or so we thought.  🙂

From Charlie's forever family


Kimber Jack happy famI just wanted to check-in with you about our adoption of Kimber (we've renamed him Jack). I believe today is day 10 of our trial placement and we have fallen in love with him! He is a fun addition to our family. The dogs and him get along fine - I think he often thinks he is one of them.

From Kimber/Jack's forever family 


Tinkerbell familyI just wanted to let you know that Tinkerbell is doing great in her new home. She sleeps on the bed with me every night, has started to play a bit, and loves to drink water out of the bathtub. Tinkerbell is doing great with my daughter and even purrs when she receives hugs from my toddler.

We even found Tinkerbell a friend cat from one of the other rescue groups. They are getting along well and I think it is helping to make Tinkerbell a more playful cat.

Thank you for one of the newest members of our family. I love Tinkerbell's loud purrs and cuddly spirit.

From Tinkerbell's loving family


jULIA FAMILYJust an update on Julia! She’s doing great she’s such a sweetheart. She’s still very timid, she doesn’t like quick movements or when people visit, but when things are quiet she’s all cuddles! I’ve started growing her some wheat grass to help with her tummy, so far she seems to like it. Thank you for giving me this wonderful friend! I love her!

From Julia's new family


Snickers family


Wanted to thank you for all you do and to let you know that Snickers is very happy in her forever home. Bossy little kitty

From Snickers happy family


Lana familyShe's definitely the queen bee, she's got both boys trained and they know not to mess with her when she's got "the look". But she purrs all the time, "talks" when we talk to her, and she sleeps in bed with all of us.  She's patient with my son, and she and Rogan really are best friends. 85% of the day, they're playing or cuddling, or Rogan is licking her to death 🙂 she was the perfect addition to our family.

From Lana's forever family


Angela familyIt was about one year ago we adopted our sweet angie bun bun! When we adopted her, the foster care owners said that she did not like kids and was not social and did not want to be petted. Now she is all over all of us and purrs like crazy..I call her my purr box and she sleeps every night at my 6 year old daughters head..(more like on her head) We all love her so very much and we know that she loves us!!

(From Angela Bunbun's happy family)


Tulip familyI adopted Tulip back in July..... he's doing great is absolutely the sweetest cat ever. He is so patient and tolerant of my 5 year old son. He doesn't hiss or bite or scratch, god he doesn't even run away. He tolerates dress ups and playing doctor as well. When play time is over he curls up in your lap for cuddles. He greets every single person who comes in the door. Doestn' matter if he's never met them before. Tulip slimbs right up on their chest and purrs in their face like they're old friends. Thank you so much for such an amazing addition to our family.

(From Tulip's happy family)


I love my baby and so does my boyfriend, mom, and sister!!! She is amazing and as sweet as you guys promised. I am so lucky I visited you guys the day I did. She wasSuzie family the last one there and my heart just melted. I can't believe she took so long to find a home!! My Suzie boo is a four legged angel! 

She loves my bed. She even joined me for breakfast in it in the photo attached!
Ty guys so much for my first pet

(From Suzie's loving family)


I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to adopt Monet! In just three short weeks she has transformed into the most affectionate and cuddly cat I have ever met. When I first brought her home after her ordeal at the groomer and vet's office, she hid under the bed and didn't come out for a week and a half. Now she never leaves my side! She can usually be found snoring in my lap or on her back, begging for belly rubs which she loves! We have quickly become best pals and she will have a home with me for the rest of her life. I simply can't imagine life without her now!  Keep up the great work!


From Monet's loving family


Bella familyKnow that Bella is truly Loved!   She has a cushioned pad on a high place where she retreats for afternoon naps and where she lies on the DR table while I'm sitting and knitting!  She has hassocks under two windows (each side of house) where she enjoys outdoor air incoming through screens and a safe view through the glass of the moose who visit Bella's yard during this
winter season!  She receives a daily brushing at a minimum and more often when she rolls and displays her belly, begging for a brushing.  She loves to attack the red laser dot and has a catnip-filled mouse that she "hunts" each
night and carries into the bedroom with the mouse in her mouth, all the while fairly screaming her victory song!  She loves overnights on the bed alternating with a favorite floor vent when she overheats from the electric blanket's radiant heat (our furnace circulates now near frigid outside air on a random schedule).  Her personality is so gentle yet deep inside, we know lurks the heart of a tiger.  (We've seen her pounce on that catnip mouse!) She is truly Beautiful Bella ... and we thank you for helping us to add her to our family.

From Bella's loving family


Jack has settled in perfectly! He is the most perfect little guy. We renamed him Rogan. He's best friends with Monkey already and he adores my son. They all 3 play so well together 🙂 he will literally tolerate anything, although my son is gentle with him for the most part. And then Rogan comes and cuddles in bed with us every night. we love him!

Jack and familyFrom Jack's new loving family


..we adopted the most amazing friend through you guys, we adopted her only a few months ago from Wasilla,and i just wanted to thank you!!! Her name was cHANCEY FAMILYChancy but we had to rename her "Houdini" or "Sweet Dee for short, because when we brought her home she was very afraid and climbed inside the back of our huge dart board for seven hours, we were so worried at first we had lost her, then just upset she would never come out, but when she did, she climbed up to my husbands chest for the first real greeting.  It was love at first sight. now for the record I am not a cat person and have an OLD OLD (18) year old Scottie dog and wasn't planning on adding to the family, but the universe kind of turned me on to the idea and for whatever reason i became compelled to rescue someone, and I am so glad i did.  We knew we were going to give our kitty a forever home, but was still nervous of the idea of an indoor cat (new to me) but i kept getting signs, finally we decided to go to the shelter and "pick" a friend, but before we left someone told me about you, so when i called to ask about the cats in the shelter your organization told me each cat was fostered and i would have to view them based on what i seen online, it was a scary concept and i was worried that was going to lead us maybe into a situation where i would take home a cat that wouldn't fit our home or something else. but i am so grateful of your recommendation, mostly helping choose a kitty that would be great alone, because i am a one cat household.  We found her, only visited her for thirty minutes and decided she was the one, a little scared i had faith she would come around…. that is a gross understatement, we adopted Sweet Dee, queen of the cabin! the most vocal loud purring chubby spoiled little thing i ever met. she has to be near us when were home and greets us at the door. in the short time we've had her we can now communicate, she asks for food, love, and even tells us when she's gone potty because she likes a clean box every time! as playful as a kitten, and as lazy and sleepy on the contrary, she helped save our old boy by giving him companionship after a stroke, and she is the softest thing to hold at night. she will curl up on your chest and neck when your sitting or laying, or like now, bat your hands while typing.  She even escapes outside just long enough to defend the house of shrews!!!!!!  I am madly in love and have you to thank so much!  she loves my dog, my Husband, and my lazy cabin life! attached are pictures of Sweet Dee from her forever home!!!!

From Chancey's loving family



Wanted to send you this update & picture. Both Slinky & Skittles are doing GREAT! They have been such a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks again for all the hard work you do!


From Slinky and Skittles happy family


She's just a little sweetie. A perfect companion for us all. She's so laid back with our daughter, too. Just lets her do whatever! Not that I let her, but you know how kids are. Mocha just lays there and purrs, lol.


From the loving family of Mocha (formerly known as Twilight)


Sylvester1 FAMILYSylvester has a lot of personality and he's creative too, he likes to make his own toys out of items around the house and plays with them over store bought. Once he found a clothing bag from Army Navy store while exploring the house and carried it upstairs and woke me up to show me how fun it was. He can open most doors including sliding closet doors and bi-fold doors and he can pull small drawers open too. He's popular with my neighbors and a couple of them even let him in to explore and report he's very polite. This ol Sylvester is sure worthy of being saved..........

( from Sylvester's family)


Thank you for matching us up! We couldn't imagine our life without her!

Magic and family

From Magic's loving family