Ellie at Home

Hi, you helped us reunite with our lost cat three years ago. I wanted to update you on how she is doing and let you know what a very special part of our family she is. We have moved back to Texas and a few months after we got here my husband has a massive brain hemorrhage. I brought him home on hospice and braced for the worst. Ellie and our other rescue kitty took it upon themselves to be his therapy kitties. They would lay with him for hours. I am pleased to report that he has recovered much more than anyone ever thought possible and he is no longer on hospice. I believe in my heart of hearts that our cats were a part of the “medicine” he needed to wake up. I am attaching a picture. Please know that we will always be grateful to you and your rescue organization for helping us getting our girl home again.

(From Ellie’s grateful family)