We are an all-volunteer run organization. Although no one gets paid, money is one of our greatest needs. All of our money comes from donations and adoption fees. We use these funds to rescue cats from Mat-Su shelter and other local shelters, as well as the expenses of taking in stray cats in danger, to pay the (often sizable) vet bills we run up each month, and to buy supplies for our cats and foster homes.  Clear Creek Cat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations are tax-deductible.


Donations can be made to our general fund or you can sponsor a specific animal. Use the DONATE button below (and also on the right side of the webpages) to make a contribution through Paypal.

You can easily make a one-time donation

But please consider an automated monthly donation:

Subscription Options

If PayPal is not your thing, you can mail a check made out to CCCR to Kelleigh Orthmann, POB 879316, Wasilla AK 99687. If you have questions, please email   or call 980-8898.

We are also happy to accept donations of pet supplies. Some examples are cat litter, cat food (especially canned), and crates.

In addition to donating directly to CCCR, there are ways to donate indirectly without any cost to you. A few of those are listed below.


Fred Myer has a community rewards program that allows you to make donations just by shopping at Freddie’s. All you have to do is choose Clear Creek Cat Rescue as the organization you’d like FM to donate to. This does not take anything away from your account or change your other rewards, like gas rewards. You pay nothing directly; the donation is made by Freddie’s.
So if you shop at Fred Myer’s please choose Clear Creek Cat Rescue, 89148, as the non-profit you would like Freddie’s to donate to on your behalf.

To link your Freddie’s Rewards card to CCCR, go to their website


If you shop through Amazon, you can choose Clear Creek Cat Rescue to receive donations from Amazon every time you buy through Amazon, with no cost to you. To get started, go to the website and select Clear Creek Cat Rescue. Then each time you shop, a percentage of your order will be donated by Amazon to CCCR.