**Ready to Adopt**

Pictured below are most of our ready-to-adopt cats.


Beans is gorgeous. He has a lush long golden coat. He's a big boy about a year old and has the large frame and stature of a Maine Coon.

Beans loves sleeping on the bed with her person. He does very well being good at night and not causing trouble. But then morning comes and he wants to have fun! He is great going for walks with his person and playing chase around the yard. He's an excellent hunter. There's never a dull moment with this guy. He is obsessed with food and will be your best friend if you feed him. He's a young guy and is super charged with energy that he needs to use by playing outside, hunting, going for walks with his family. He does okay with the other cat in the house who knows how to discourage him from being too nuts. We don't know about dogs.  But he can be aggressive with other males outside that he meets. He is so exuberant he is probably too much for little kids. He's a great guy for a home with lots of space for him to roam and lots of activities to keep him busy till it's time to cozy up for a long restful night.

In Kenai.



What a handsome fella Flynn is! He was rescued out of the cold in the Houston area and his majestic black coat has been groomed back to a magnificent sheen. He is just a gentle soul that LOVES to chat with and hang out with his people. He has the most endearing raspy meow that you can't ignore! Flynn does very well around other cats and takes a more subservient role in the "pecking order". He is a bit leery of dogs, but will hang out with them if they don't bug him. He would likely do fine in a home with older kids. He is about 2 years old and adores going outside (even in the snow)! If you are looking for just an all around awesome kitty, Flynn is your guy!

In Wasilla. Call 980-1730


Calista is a lovely young girl a year or two old. She has a fluffy coat in pretty tortoiseshell colors with tiger stripes on her head. She's a torbie!

Calista had a rough start in a colony of 80 cats. Many of them didn't survive the harsh conditions, but this sweet girl made it. And oh what a love she is. She is adorable and so cuddly. She loves to be loved, pet, snuggled. She likes to play too; it's a new thing to have a life with so much care that there is time and joy enough for playing. She does great with other cats, dogs, kids, rabbits, etc. She has a big heart and will accept any kind creature. She will need a safe place to go outside when spring comes, but never to be abandoned again.

In Wasilla.


Ruby is a long haired beauty with a great personality. She is black and has recently been shaved.

Ruby is a great cat who is friendly and happy. She does okay with other nice cats and dogs. And she would probably be fine with kids who are gentle and loving. She is affectionate with her people and she loves to hang out with them on quiet evenings in the house, or help with garden chores on warm summer days. She will need a safe yard where she can enjoy the summer with her family. She is about 7 years old, well mannered and easy to love.

In Kenai. Call 398-9128


Wolcott  is a lean loving machine in a tiger coat. He is a hunter too.

Wolcott was abandoned in a trailer park and wandered the area  finding what food he could until a nice lady started feeding him and contacted rescue. He is SUCH a sweet fellow. He is so grateful to be in out of the cold in the luxury of a home with love and care. He may be a couple years old, friendly and happy. He does great with other cats and mellow dogs. A purrfect family cat.

In Wasilla.


Padme is a beautiful blue-eyed girl with an ivory coat,  a fluffy lynx point Siamese. She is about 2 years old.

Padme is a loving girl who does just fine with other cats and dogs. She is okay with nice older kids but being picked up is not her favorite thing. She is friendly and snuggly and will do great in any happy family. She rolls on her back for belly rubs and is so incredibly sweet. She does need a safe place to go outside where she can enjoy the natural world and be the great cat that she is.

In Anchorage



Minnie is a sweet gentle girl in a very neat black and white coat.  She is a little bit chubby. Maybe 4 years old.

Minnie was dropped off on a porch and left to fend for herself. She was a little chubby so obviously had been someone's girl, and she was so sad that her family had abandoned her. She is affectionate and very much needs a family who will take her into their heart and home and never dump her. She seems a little uneasy around other hissing cats and rambunctious dogs. But she may be fine with mellow critters.

In Anchorage.


Piper is a sweet guy in an all black coat. She has silky medium length hair. He's a couple years old.

Piper wants cuddles. Lots of cuddles. He loves to get attention from his people, and he would love to have cat friend in his new family. He had a feline buddy for most of his life, and then his buddy got killed by a dog. Amazingly Piper is still tolerant of dogs but prefers that they are mellow and good natured. He does love to go outside and enjoy nature when the weather is nice. He's good with gentle kids.

In Wasilla.


Finn is the guy! He's a big tiger tabby boy with a little extra girth at the moment but ready to slim down as soon as spring  rodent hunting season opens.

Finn is a hunter. He's a friendly affectionate boy but it's important for him to be able to go outside and hunt. He enjoys being pet and he loves having a warm cozy home with a family to come back to. But a place where he can safely explore his territory for rodents would be his ideal home. He does fine with other cats who are not intimidating and who can tolerate his occasional pickiness. We don't know how he would be with dogs. A great cat for a homestead with a hunting area and a family to give him love. Maybe 9 years old.

In Anchorage.