**Ready to Adopt**

Pictured below are most of our ready-to-adopt cats.


Nacho is a 5 year old long haired boy looking for a family to call his own.

Nacho's family left him behind when they moved and he spent the next 4 years roaming the neighborhood until he finally became comfortable enough to stay at one house. Unfortunately the people at that house already had plans to leave the state, so he was turned over to rescue. Nacho has decided he likes family life but he does spends lot of time outdoors, so a safe outside environment is a must. He does okay with other gentle cats but would be fine as the only cat.

He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. In Wasilla. 907-863-1444.



Tim is a sleek haired boy with an ebony coat. He is about 5 years old. He came to us declawed.

Tim is a lover. At first it was hard to tell. He was in so much pain. Tim had a bad declaw at some point in his life and it has caused him to suffer so much that he didn't want to walk around and he felt fearful and depressed. He was taken to the pound because his human thought he just needed a different kind of home where he would be happy; there was no consideration that he was in pain. We rescued him and once in foster, given supplements to help with inflammation and some pain meds to give him some relief, he started to show what a loving sweet boy he really is. He is okay with other cats and mellow dogs, but he doesn't need to be intimidated by others. He is SO affectionate with his people, just a wonderful boy. He does great with older kids, loves to be loved and give love back with lots of purrs. He loves to go outside and will need a safe place to enjoy the wonders and joyful diversion of the natural world.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444



Gray Laser Eyes is a sleek beautiful black boy with a few extra pounds. He is diabetic and needs insulin each day but that does not change his amazing sweetness.

Gray Laser Eyes is a wonderful boy who is fine with other nice cats and dogs and people. He loves to cuddle. He would sit on your lap and give you cheek rubs for as long as you like. He's maybe 7 or 8 and he still likes to get a little silly from time to time, play with a toy, entertain his family. He amazingly settled into a home with LOTS of big dogs without much problem at all. He would love to outside and do a little hunting, get some fresh air, enjoy the pleasures of a yard. He is just about the perfect cat with a great personality.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Gizmo is a beautiful boy. He is golden with little white tippy toes, a lush coat, and a magnificent ruff. He is maybe about 3 years old.

Gizmo has probably been a stray most, if not all, of his life. He has had a rough time of it, making a living with no support system. The need to always be on guard and always be searching for food and shelter has made him suspicious about strange happenings. And yet, in a home situation, safe and given love and care, he has come a long way toward trusting humans. He does very well with other nice cats, and really is pretty doofy and playful now that he knows there is carefree fun to be had in life. He would do best in a quiet home where he can open up, other nice cat companions, and a safe space to lounge in the sun!

In Wasilla.


Luna is a gorgeous calico girl with a flag tail such pretty colors. She is maybe a year old.

Luna is as pretty as her name. She is a darling girl with a gentle and kind spirit. She loves people and to be held and cuddled with a purr that will lull you to sleep. Sleeping on a cat tree during the day and in bed with her people at night are her favorite places to rest. She does well with cats, dogs, and she will do fine with kind gentle children. She will need a cat friend in her new home. At just a year old she is ready to walk into the heart of her forever family.

In Palmer


EmmyLou is a lovely sleek ebony girl with a little white pendant. She is about 3 years old.

EmmyLou is a sweetie who has  gone through a rough patch. She ended up at the Homer shelter and was thought to be feral and so kept in a cage for months. When the new management came in it was soon discovered that EmmyLou was nowhere near being a wild kitty. She was just scared. She went to a foster home and very quickly showed that she was a darling girl who just needs her own family to love her. She does okay with other mellow cats and dogs, but she would be so happy to have a home and family of her own, one that will never go away and leave her without the love she so desperately needs. She will need a safe yard to go outside and lots of gentle cuddles.

In Anchorage.



Tink and Aurora are a bonded pair of girls about 5 years old. They are both beautiful, with a lush Maine Coonish coat in rich warm colors. They are torbies!

Tink and Aurora are sweet gentle girls. They love to cuddle and hang out with their family, but in totally different ways. Aurora is a little shy and will hang out in her napping hidey hole all day; then come out to play all night. She likes cuddles but doesn't want to be forced into cuddling.  Tink, on the other hand, is a total Loveball whenever her people are around.  She will  smother you with love and, if you let her, she will drink out of your cup.  Long summer evenings in the yard or snuggled up for a midday nap, they are happy companions for their people........and for each other. They are great together; their people would not have to worry about them being lonely when the humans are away.  They do well with children who are gentle with them. And they are fine with respectful dogs and other cats. These girls will give so much joy and love to a happy family for many years to come. They are about 5 years old.

In Wasilla.

Tink and Aurora can be adopted as a pair for $100.


Sadie is a beauty! A snowshoe Siamese with luminous blue eyes and snow white feet, she is about 5 years old.

Sadie is an intelligent and charming girl with a need for lots of love and an independent streak. She is lovable and affectionate with her people. She would be best without other cats or dogs.  Sadie has an allergy that causes her skin to break out at times. In foster she has been on a restricted diet, and has had a steroid shot to help her heal and now she is doing great. A kind and loving human would be her perfect family, preferably adults although she has lived with children in her previous life. She will definitely need a safe place to go outside to enjoy the pleasures of nature.

In Kenai.



Bagheera is a sleek beautiful ebony boy. He has a short haired coat that always looks neat and well groomed. He is a couple years old.

Bagheera is a sweetheart. He likes people and will hang out with his family for cuddles or just quiet companionship. He has done great with gentle dogs before, laying up against them on the bed and perfectly happy to be in their company. But he was chased by a dog in his last home so he is uneasy now around canines and should only go to a home with a dog that is gentle and respectful of him. He does not seem to do well with cats. He has been through so much, just dumped outside when a former 'owner' moved and left to fend for himself. He needs a dependable loving family who will care for him and make sure that he is not intimidated by other critters. He is not a fraidy cat, but his past experiences have left him with a lot of cautions.  He is an excellent hunter. This beautiful boy will be a great family member for a great family.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


Duke is a cute little guy about 5 months old, handsome tabby coat that is a little bit fluffy. He is a sweetheart with a Maine Coonish look.

Duke is a darling little guy who is just about purrfect! He loves to play and dash around. Another kitty friend in his home would be great. He does very well with other cats and dogs. He can be friends with them or he can ignore them, whichever they prefer. He is full of energy and fun and lots of cuddles. He will need a safe place outside to race around and have fun.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444



Fig is a beautiful young kitty, probably not a year old yet. She has a sleek shimmery coat in classic black. She is lean and agile.

Fig is a sweet frisky young girl who  loves other nice cats and she is great with people she knows and trusts. She loves loves LOVES to play and will race around the house after a toy mouse with the greatest of enthusiasm. She likes to knock all the toys under the sofa and then appeal to her people with that cute little look and meow, 'please get them out.' And then race off full speed up the stairs. Fig is a wonderful cat who will take some time to adjust to a new human. But once she knows you, she will be a devoted bonded family member who will give you her heart. She will definitely need a friendly cat companion in her new home, and a yard where she can safely go outside.

She is in Kenai. Call 398-9128


Whisper is a beautiful blue eyed ivory girl, a sleek Siamese. She is a year or two old.

Whisper is a special girl who needs a special family. She does well with most other cats, though she also enjoys her private time and space at times as well. She was born  in a feral colony that was dying of starvation and distemper, always struggling to get enough food, trying to stay warm in winter. She had little chance to know people in any kind way until she was trapped and went into foster care. She now believes that there is hope of a good life and she so wants that. But she is not sure how to create a bond with people. She does try and she enjoys being pet at times. She has learned to trust her foster mom and likes hanging out in the house with her and her kitty friends. She will be a wonderful beloved girl for a person or family that will give her time and the love needed to allow her to trust and to believe that she is loved. She will be the devoted 'spirit cat' for some lucky person.

In Wasilla.



Petunia is a lovely girl. She has green eyes and stripes and bangles accented with white.

Petunia Pig is a sweet cuddle bug looking for her forever home. That is, she loves to cuddle if you are in the kitchen or holding food or if you might be thinking about food. This cat can put a dog's begging skills to shame. However she does love to be petted and scratched and likes being around people in general. Pig (as we call her for short) also likes other nice animals. She would do best with a companion cat. She is very playful and loves small toys. She will need a safe place to go outside when the weather is nice, a good exercising area to help her trim her waistline.

In Wasilla.


Friskies is a beautiful sleek girl. She has a short haired coat that is neat and shiny. She's a very petite girl about a year old.

Friskies is sweet and gentle. In a former home she was picked on by the cats, but in foster she is fine with the cats who are nice to her. She likes to play with fun cat friends. She does okay with mellow dogs. She would make a great friend and companion for a kind child. She enjoys going outside and checking out the summer activities like chasing butterflies and racing up trees. A wonderful little girl who will make some family very happy.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


Sampson and Dixie are adorable kitties about 4 months old. They love each other and are bonded. Sampson is a cute little tiger boy with black stripes. Dixie is a petite orange tabby; they have matching white accents.

Is it a Fiddler on the roof? No. It's kittens on the roof. Dixie and Sampson love to hang out on the roof of their foster home and watch over the other animals and all that nature has to offer. Don't worry though. They don't get too close to the edge. At just 4 1/2 months old they are getting the enjoyment of the outdoors so they must have a safe place to go outside in their new home. They are very bonded and MUST be adopted together. They have been raised with dogs, birds, and cats and love everybody. If your looking for a wonderful pair of kittens with great personalities, temperaments, and endless love and playfulness these maybe just the ones for you.

They are in Palmer and ready for a wonderful home together. Call 350-8089