**Ready to Adopt**

Pictured below are most of our ready-to-adopt cats.


Ginger is a pretty short haired girl with a neat coat. She is a year or two old.

Ginger is a nice girl who would love a kind family to be part of.  She does not mind a friendly cat or dog, but needs her space. So a home with just one or two other critters would be perfect. She was found as a starving stray this winter and is still adjusting to the comforts of a home. But she does love people and loves to see what's going on! She' very curious and wants to be a part of things. She would like a nice outside area to hunt. Because she is still adjusting, she would not be suitable for a home with smaller children.

In Wasilla. If interested call 631-1901



Merlin is a sweet, quiet boy about 4 years old. He is Ok with other cats, dogs and kids in his current foster home, but we think he would like a somewhat quiet, settled family. He is neutered and microchipped, and will need a safe area to play in when the weather is nice. He is in Kenai/Soldotna, 907 398 9128 for more info or to meet him.


Fiona is a beautiful girl with a fabulous Bengal-like coat pattern. She lost one of her eyes from an infection but she gets around just fine. She is about 8 years old.

Fiona is a lovable girl who so wants to have a gentle human to be her special person. She had a hard life in a tumultuous home and suffered the sadness and stress of that before she came into foster. She has a lot of love to share with her family a. She can do okay with a gentle dog but she is best as the only cat. She loves to have attention and cuddles from her people, but she also likes doing her own independent cat thing at times; the perfect mix of lovable and devoted with independence. She loves to greet her family at the door when they return home and share their fun and joys. She will need a safe place to go outside at times but never to be left outside without a way in. She is a wonderful cat waiting for a happy caring family.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Neo is a big beautiful black Maine Coonish looking boy. He's 4 years old.

Neo is a darling with a great personality. He is good with other cats and would do well with a feline buddy. He has lived with Matilda (also available for adoption) for most of his life and if you wanted two kitties, they would be a great pair. But he could be adopted alone. He loves to go outside and hunt. He will definitely need a good place to enjoy his private time. He has lived with kids and does very well with them. Such a big cuddlebug would fill your home and heart with joy.

He is in Anchorage. Call 960-0096


Matilda is a darling little girl, very petite. She has a sleek short haired tabby coat and, and big golden eyes in such a cute little face.

Matilda is a love. She is a little shy of strangers at first, but once she is settled in she is wonderful. She has lived with other cats and does great. Her big buddy Neo is also available for adoption and they would make a great pair. But she can also be adopted by herself. She is good with nice kids. She totally LOVES to go outside and hunt, and she's good at it! She's quick and devoted and would be an excellent protector of the home and garden. She is about 4 years old.

In Anchorage. Call 960-0096


Kitty is a trip! She's a big girl, about 16 pounds, gorgeous rich tortoiseshell coat. She's about 7 years old, intelligent and opinionated.

Kitty is a sweetheart who loves her people. She will let you know when it's time to cuddle, plop on your lap and purr and purr. A big bundle of unconditional love. She is totally fine around non-intimidating dogs. And she is great with other cats she likes, possibly prefers males. She has the gravitas to pull off 'aloof' but really she is a marshmallow. She loves loving and she so wants to be loved by her family and given a special place in their heart. She likes to go outside a bit, never wanders far from home and doesn't seem very interested in hunting. But she will need a yard to enjoy with her family.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Mister Mister is a sweet, cuddly boy, about 3 years old. He has a tiger coat with white tippy toes and swirls on his side.

Mister is such a lover and a cuddler! Ok with respectful kids, and other nice cats and dogs.  He will need a settled home with loved ones and a safe yard to go outside in during summer.

In Kenai, 907 398 9128


Sicily is a ten-month-old Calico beauty with silky soft fur.

She is very social with cats and dogs and would prefer a home with other pets. She is shy around new humans though so she needs someone who will take some time to work with her and gain her trust. She wants to fit into a family and hopes that her special people will come and give her that chance. When she is settled and bonded with family, she will need a safe place outside to go with friends to enjoy the natural world.

She can be seen in Wasilla please call 907-863-1444


Ellie Mae (EM) is a 2 year old Calico sweetie. She’s nothing but wonderful. She has a short haired coat in the lovely striking calico colors.

EM is a lover! As a matter of fact, we couldn’t get a good pic of her because as soon as she noticed her foster, she’d run up for pets! 💞She loves cuddling under the covers and her favorite thing is drinking water from a faucet. She loves to tell you when she wants something, and she will nap with you. Likes dogs and would do best with older kids as she doesn’t like love forced on her. Ellie Mae a skilled mouser and loves being outside in the summer, so you must have a safe yard for her.

In Anchorage. Call 960-0096


Meet GRAYBEAR, a 7-8 month old kitten companion who needs a forever home. He has soft gray fur, the purrfect Russian Blue coat.

Graybear is a 'spirit cat', one that will steal his way into your heart even though he  won't let you touch him at first, (since everything is going to be on his terms). He will be your ever-present friend, running around your feet or playing (or grooming) your other cat. He LOVES his hoomans, especially his one person whom he chooses as his own. And he LOVES his cat friend and must have one. He is very playful and loves small toys that he can carry in his mouth, because he is a little predator who will likely want to hunt when it's warm outside. Graybear will need a friendly feline friend to teach him how to do this, so you must have a yard if you want this little ball of fur.

He's in Anchorage. Call 960-0096


Gizmo is a beautiful boy. He is golden with little white tippy toes, a lush coat, and a magnificent ruff. He is maybe about 3 years old.

Gizmo has probably been a stray most, if not all, of his life. He has had a rough time of it, making a living with no support system. The need to always be on guard and always be searching for food and shelter has made him suspicious about strange happenings. And yet, in a home situation, safe and given love and care, he has come a long way toward trusting humans. He does very well with other nice cats, and really is pretty doofy and playful now that he knows there is carefree fun to be had in life. He would do best in a quiet home where he can open up, other nice cat companions, and a safe space to lounge in the sun!

In Wasilla.



Jasmine is a wonderful sweet senior girl about 11 years old. She has a soft fluffy coat that is beautiful ebony with chocolate highlights, and pretty golden green eyes.

Jasmine is social and friendly and won't take long to be sleeping on your bed and purring by your side. She is out and about with quiet visitors and will roll over for attention and tummy rubs. She is fine with a mellow dog and has lived with lots of other cats whom she tolerates just fine. But she does love to have her own space. She will be great in a home with gentle people who have lots of love to share. She would love to have a little yard to explore in the summertime.

In Anchorage. Call 960-0096


maisy-in-bedMaisy is a beautiful muted tortoiseshell with short hair and slim build. Her markings and coloration are amazing.

Maisy is young and so sweet. She started out life in a colony living outside. The person who was feeding the colony got sick and had to leave and suddenly Maisy, and her family, was without any support. But Maisy made it through until we could get her, and she has made it so clear that she is grateful and happy to have a home and loving human to be her very own. She will be a devoted and loving companion and member of a happy family. She is fine with other nice cats and would enjoy feline company. Having lived a rough time outside, she now seems like going out is not that important to her and she may be fine in a happy indoor home. About 2 years old and wonderful.

In Wasilla. Call 907 315 9510



Big beautiful silky boy, Boots is a dream. He is a big boy with a wonderful long haired coat that is shiny and rarely mats. He is about 9 years old.

Boots is a total sweetie. He takes a minute to check out the home and people and then he is a darling guy who loves to be pet and loves to hang out with his family. He is playful, likes to chase a toy mouse and romp across the floor like a kitten. He will purr at a touch. He is just fine with other mellow cats and would probably do well with a laid back dog. He's be the purrfect cat for an older child who wants a good buddy to sleep on his bed or have fun in the yard.

In Wasilla.  Call 980-8898

Porter Nibbles

Porter Nibbles, originally just Porter but read on... she is a timid girl, about 7 or 8 months old, who found her confidence with being around other cats. At first, she didn't seem to know how to cat but now she’s a new cat, in her own right, with her own personality. And, her communication skills are getting better everyday. When she gets a little over stimulated, she nibbles , hence the name. She politely requests a daily cleaned cat box. She’s good with older kiddos and doesn’t appear scared of doggies, but doesn’t cuddle them either.
If you are looking for a sweetie with the cutest tufts, who’ll keep you on your toes and warm your heart, please call 907-960-0096 to ask about Porter Nibbles.  She is in Anchorage.


Haley is a super sweet girl who was found as a stray, and she came to us already declawed. She is thought to be about 5 years old.  She is super sweet, current on vaccinations, microchipped and ready for her permanent home. She is currently in a foster in Kenai. 907 398 9128


Hemingway is a special boy in so many wonderful ways. He's gorgeous! He has a lush coat and blue blue eyes. And his personality is even more amazing than his beauty. He is about 8 years old.

Hemingway is wonderful. So loving and so gentle and kind, he is the ideal cat to come home to, to spend time with, so easy to love. He is wonderful with the other cats, never causes problems. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. All he wants is to have a loving family and happy home.

But Hemingway does have a special need for his care--he is diabetic. He is doing great with his insulin, super easy to treat and never grumpy. He is so wonderful that this small effort given to his health each day is nothing compared to the love and devotion that he will repay you with.

He's in Wasilla. Call 315-9510


Nelson is an orange short haired tabby boy that is about 4 years old.

When he arrived at his foster home he had not been around other animals but he is adjusting well. He has started cuddling and grooming with the other cats and is even starting to engage in play. He is doing fine with the smaller dogs and is still trying to adjust to the big dogs. He has not been around small children but we think he will do fine with them. He will need a safe place to go outside with his new family.

Available in Wasilla. 907-863-1444.


Leeloo is a little doll! She about 6 months old and just the cutest little gray girl with cashmere soft hair and a darling face.

Leeloo loves other kitties. And she loves her special people too. She likes to play and race cuddle and all the wonderful things that little kitty girls love to do. She is shy with strangers and will need a person who is willing to give her time to learn to trust and to know that she is now in a wonderful loving family. She definitely will need a feline companion in her new home. Leeloo started out as a homeless kitten outside with her brother. She loves being cozy in a safe home with loving people. She will need a safe place to go outside and play in the grass and climb trees when she the weather is nice and after she has bonded with her people.

She's in Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Swan is a beautiful young short haired female, about 1 or 2 years old. She is great with people, Ok with nice dogs, she has become friendly with the other male cat in her foster home, but did not care for the females. She may also be happy as an only cat. Will need a safe outdoor area to play in when the weather is nice.

In Kenai, 907 398 9128


Maisy is a lovely delicate flame point girl with blue eyes. She is about a year old.

Maisy is a precious spirit cat, one who needs a quiet loving family to give her the time she needs to adjust to a whole new world of humans and environment. She prefers to be in a smaller space, like a bedroom, to make that her safe place where she is comfortable and happy. Later, as she gets settled in, she will come out and explore as she feels secure. She would do well on her own, or with another gentle friendly cat. She is very delicate and likes to be pet gently by her loved ones rather than being picked up.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Dane is a wonderful boy, about 1 1/2 yrs old and still full of kitten energy! He loves to go outside in the summer to explore and hunt, so a home with a large safe yard is a must. He would be ok with other cats and nice dogs after an adjustment period. He really enjoys playing laser light, and would be fine with older kids. He is in Soldotna, 907 398 9128


Mr. Cuddles is sweet, quiet and a little timid. A handsome sleek tuxedo, he is just 3 years old, a perfect age where he knows all the tricks.

He loves to be pet and sit on your lap for cuddles. He enjoys a quiet home and is a “lone wolf” but he does not mind children, dogs or other kitties. He's a black and white cutie. A long boy, and has a really long tail. He loves to go outside and hunt so will need a safe yard or area where he can be the cat he wants to be.

in Eagle River, but can travel. Please call/text 960-0096 to meet him


Fred is a handsome tabby and white boy about 4 years old. He has a little bit of fluff to his coat and the most awesome plume tail. He came to us declawed.

Fred is an wonderful boy. He is the sweetest guy you could imagine. He does well with dogs and other cats and nice kids. He is ready to settle into a happy family and be their beloved boy forever. He is excellent at getting along and when we first got him, he was amazing straight out of the carrier. Stepped out and said hello. He would love a home where he can be a part of things, enjoy the fun times with his family in the yard and snuggle up with them on cold winter evenings. The purrfect cat!

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


3 kittens available in Wasilla, 2 girls and a boy. They are sweet babies who love other cats and will need another cat or kitten in the house.  All are altered, microchipped and current on shots. They are 3-4 months old. They must have a safe outdoor area to play in with her family





Please call 907 980 8898



Athena is a beautiful fluffy tortoiseshell girl with an amazing ruff and tail. She is a couple years old.

Athena is a sweet girl who does fine in a home with other nice cats and a gentle, smaller dog. She loves to have attention from her humans and will cuddle up next to them to purr and stare up at them with adoring eyes. She enjoys her jaunts outside where she can explore the yard and patrol for invading mice and shrews. But it's such a wonderful happy time for her when she can go back inside to her safe place and nap and snuggle.

She is in Palmer. Call 350-8089