..we adopted the most amazing friend through you guys, we adopted her only a few months ago from Wasilla,and i just wanted to thank you!!! Her name was cHANCEY FAMILYChancy but we had to rename her “Houdini” or “Sweet Dee for short, because when we brought her home she was very afraid and climbed inside the back of our huge dart board for seven hours, we were so worried at first we had lost her, then just upset she would never come out, but when she did, she climbed up to my husbands chest for the first real greeting.  It was love at first sight. now for the record I am not a cat person and have an OLD OLD (18) year old Scottie dog and wasn’t planning on adding to the family, but the universe kind of turned me on to the idea and for whatever reason i became compelled to rescue someone, and I am so glad i did.  We knew we were going to give our kitty a forever home, but was still nervous of the idea of an indoor cat (new to me) but i kept getting signs, finally we decided to go to the shelter and “pick” a friend, but before we left someone told me about you, so when i called to ask about the cats in the shelter your organization told me each cat was fostered and i would have to view them based on what i seen online, it was a scary concept and i was worried that was going to lead us maybe into a situation where i would take home a cat that wouldn’t fit our home or something else. but i am so grateful of your recommendation, mostly helping choose a kitty that would be great alone, because i am a one cat household.  We found her, only visited her for thirty minutes and decided she was the one, a little scared i had faith she would come around…. that is a gross understatement, we adopted Sweet Dee, queen of the cabin! the most vocal loud purring chubby spoiled little thing i ever met. she has to be near us when were home and greets us at the door. in the short time we’ve had her we can now communicate, she asks for food, love, and even tells us when she’s gone potty because she likes a clean box every time! as playful as a kitten, and as lazy and sleepy on the contrary, she helped save our old boy by giving him companionship after a stroke, and she is the softest thing to hold at night. she will curl up on your chest and neck when your sitting or laying, or like now, bat your hands while typing.  She even escapes outside just long enough to defend the house of shrews!!!!!!  I am madly in love and have you to thank so much!  she loves my dog, my Husband, and my lazy cabin life! attached are pictures of Sweet Dee from her forever home!!!!

From Chancey’s loving family