Sponsor a Cat

Sponsoring a cat  for adoption is a great way of donating. You can choose which cat to sponsor by selecting one of our adult adoptable cats; or you can let us choose a cat that needs a little help help finding an adopter.

You can pay half, or all of, the adoption fee for the cat. We will reduce the cat’s adoption fee to $40. If your pay all the fee and a great adopter without the $40 fee should appear for the cat, we would adopt the cat out for free.

You can sponsor in your own name, or you could sponsor a cat in the name of another person, or in memory or honor of a beloved friend whether furry or human. If you approve, your sponsorship, in whatever name you choose, will appear on our website under the cat sponsored, and on Craigslist and facebook posts. We can also send you a sponsorship certificate like the one below. This can be a wonderful, heart-felt gift for a cat-loving friend.

CCCR sponsor cert

To send your sponsorship donation, you can use the ‘Donate’ button on the right and specifying which cat you’d like to sponsor. Or you can send a check made out to Clear Creek Cat Rescue to:  Kelleigh Orthmann, POBox 879316, Wasilla, AK 99687   You  could also come to one of our adoption fairs and pay the sponsorship fee to the host of the fair with instructions of who it is for.

If you have questions about sponsoring a cat, please call 980-8898 for more information. Or email us at clearcreekkitties@gmail.com