Lost and Found

What to do if you’ve lost a cat:

  • Look for it everywhere inside and out. Usually they don’t go far, especially in the first days. Check under sheds, porches, in buildings like garages or greenhouses they might have gotten closed in.
  • Report the cat missing at the local animal shelter. Give them a picture. But don’t expect the people working there to remember to watch for your cat. They are busy and won’t remember. You have to keep going back and looking for the cat yourself. Don’t depend on the website listings of found cats either. Check at the shelter at least once a week so the ‘stray wait’ period to euthanization period’ doesn’t pass and you missed the chance to get the cat out.
  • Put out a welcoming area with food, water and a box or kennel with a blanket that smells like your cats. If it’s possible, leave a door open. One of the major reasons cats don’t come home is because they can’t GET in the house when they do come back. Most often they would try to get in at night when it’s quiet and if they can’t, they will go away again.
  • Talk to the neighbors. Even if you don’t know your neighbors, go from door and door and tell them about your missing cat. Even better, hand them a flyer with her picture and your phone number.
  • Put up posters around the area.
  • Post lost ads on Craiglist ‘lost and found’ and also ‘pets’. There is also Alaskaslist.
  • Post on Facebook, all sites that will allow it, as well as your site.
  • Some people have suggested scattering the contents of the used litterbox around the perimeter of the yard so if the cat crosses the smell, it will recognize ‘home’.
  • Don’t give up! Keep looking, keep posting. So many times we come across a cat that I’m sure I saw a lost ad for it a couple months before. But the CL post has expired and the people are not watching ads anymore and so cat doesn’t get to go home.


Anabanana is a beautiful petite calico girl, slim and adorable. She has her own unique markings and little white toes. She is maybe a year old.

Anabanana is the purrfect hunting cat who loves to snuggle up with her person to snooze the night away after. She is a great cuddler with her beloved bff. She doesn't love everyone. She loves her special person. She would be an excellent family member for a person who would enjoy a gardening buddy. While her human plants little green things, Anabanana would guard them from invading rodents. She is not a great fan of other cats or romping kids. Her purrfect person would be quiet and settled and happy to be outside in the wonderful summer weather, just like Anabanana is. If you're that person who would love a garden and napping companion, please check out this wonderful girl.

In Wasilla.


lost-catHis right ear is odd, it has a tiny notch and it's a little crumpled. He has no tail, and he has sparse fur and a few liver spots in front of each ear.

Lost from his home in Wasilla but could be anywhere.

Call Rebekah at 602-6793462 if found


He's a neutered male orange haired (med/long) domestic.
He is 16/17 years old, clawed, chipped and wearing a collar with tags.
 He's really scruffy looking (due to a bad haircut to remove mats) and is super vocal.

He is an indoor kitty and not used to being outside. He has  arthritis and is incontinent.

He went missing 6:00 p.m. on 8/30/16 from Eastway Loop/Campbell Airstrip Road area Anchorage, AK

Please call  907-717-9095 if you find this boy.


Winter with blue eyesWinter is a gorgeous seal point blue-eyed boy. He has a lush coat in ivory in the finest Himalayan style.

Winter is a shy guy with strangers. But with other cats, he is everyone's friends. He does like for his trusted humans to give him pets and affection. And he is happy to live with them as he goes about his cat business of socializing with the other cats, playing, exploring, grooming. And hunting; he would love to be your hunting boy. Winter will take a bit to bond with his new people but he's ready. He is on the edge of devoting himself to a beloved human and being their special beautiful cat forever. He is probably a year or so old.

In foster in Wasilla.


Charlie as he isCharlie Brown was lost in late November near the Starbucks on the corner of Lake Otis and Tudor in Anchorage. He is a declawed boy with chocolate fur. He is very shy and unlikely to approach people. We are desperate to find him. If you see a cat that resembles the picture in this area, please contact us at 980-8898 immediately.


53078Dolly is gorgeous! A fluffy calico girl with a yin/yang face, green eyes, and the cutest little white tippytoes.

Dolly is a sweetheart. Gentle, easy going, wanting to please. She loves to hang out with her people and just be loved. She likes attention but she is not demanding. She has excellent house manners and a desire to be a good girl and be a happy part of the family. Just fine with mellow dogs but is scared around other cats. She is about 3 years old.

Dolly is  a lovable sweet beauty looking for a happy family to be a part of.


LOST! Ebony

Ebony goodAt the beginning of July, Ebony went outside in the yard and disappeared. He is a big guy and very vocal. If you see him, please call us at 980-8898.


Tyler in actionTyler is a gorgeous Siamese boy with a soft lovely coat and those amazing blue eyes.

Tyler is such a love. He very much enjoys cuddles from his people and will purr his little heart out to be snuggled up. He does fine with both cats and dogs who are not intimidating. But he is a reserved, quiet fellow who should not be subjected to other critters getting in his face. He did just fine with gentle children but will seek cover if a squealing toddler runs at him. So a home with less chaos would be best for him.

Tyler is a wonderful handsome boy who is ready for a loving mellow home.