Barn Cat Project

The Barn Cat Project is a joint effort by local cat rescue groups to give cats who are not house cats a chance at having a good life. We rescue the cats, have them spayed/neutered, vaccinated and most are also microchipped. They are kept in foster homes and given a chance for socialization with humans. If they seem to prefer a more independent life than that of a family cat, we seek suitable barn home situations for them.

barn cat pic

Some of these cats are somewhat friendly and like to be pet. Some are more removed and prefer not to be touched or approached. But they all are experienced hunters. An adopter of barn cats will need to provide supplemental food and water for the cats each day, as well as a cozy shelter where they can be warm and safe. They will also need to be provided with health care as needed. In exchange for these basic essentials, the cats will help control the rodent population in the adopter’s barns, outbuilding, gardens and around homes.

In most cases we offer barn cats in pairs or multiples where they have a support system and companionship. With a friendly group, or companion, the cats are more likely to remain in their new home and have a better chance of survival.

To get the cats started, we will bring them to your home and get them set up for a ‘settling in’ period that will last 2 or 3 weeks. During this time they are kept in an enclosed area–tack room, garage, shed, or a cage if the weather is warm enough. They must be provided food, water and litter box in their new space until they are adjusted to the place and begin to recognize it as a place with sustenance and comforts. After that time, the door of the enclosure is opened and they are allowed to roam in and out until they seem totally settled. At that point, their food and water and bedding can be moved, if needed, to whatever area of the barn or outbuilding they will call home.

We do not charge an adoption fee for barn cats, but we do require an adoption contract. And we do very much appreciate donations to help keep the Barn Cat Project going.

If you would be interested in adopting a pair or group of barn cats, please give us a call at 980-8898 or email