Milo is your typical housecat. He will sleep all day if you let him, and he usually wants attention when its inconvenient for you, but at least he’s cute about it! He is majorly obsessed with laser lights and the sound of clicker pens. Our laser light sounds like pen so, if he hears the click, he usually comes running.  He does love having his outside time so a safe place to be outside is necessary.

Milo is about 3 years old.

He is definitely not picky about food; keep his food out of sight, because he will open up the bags himself if he feels like he deserves more food. He currently eats Pro Pac Savannah Pride, but he has had many different brands and happily accepts them. His number one FAVORITE food is Honest Kitchen. He breaks into the boxes all the time to lick the powder even though he shouldn’t eat it that way.

He is also a good little hunter and will keep your house pest-free.

He currently lives with dogs, multiple cats, and rabbits. He does fine with all of them. He hasn’t once tried to harm a rabbit, so animals no smaller than a guinea pig are safe around him.

In Wasilla. Call 315-9876.