Tallie is an adorable little calico girl about 8 months old. She is short haired and very neat with a cute cap and pretty patches of color.

Tallie is a very sweet, loving shy girl. She LOVES to play……with a laser or mouse on a string or with another playful kitty. She romps around like a silly girl and enjoys racing from one safe room to another. Even though she is uneasy around sudden or strange noises and activities, she is ready to begin the adventure of a new home and family. She wants to have a family of her own and be loved by them; she is ready to give her heart. She would love to be adopted with her best friend, Arnie, but another friendly welcoming kitty to be her companion would be fine too, particularly if it was someone who would play gently and have fun with her. When she has bonded with her people and the weather is nice in the spring, she will need a safe place to go outside to hunt and play and race through the grass.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898