Sweet Rosa is lovely. She is a short haired tabby girl, all neat and elegant. She is mid-age, maybe 7 years old.

Rosa is a sweetheart who loves her people. She is gentle and affectionate, so happy to have someone to love her. She was found outside, either abandoned or lost, and not doing very well. In a home, she is s dream kitty, all loves and snuggles, totally happy to be in the lap of a person who cares for her. She is easily intimidated by other cats so she will need a home with a very mellow feline, or no cat at all. She will happily provide all the love and joy you could ever want from a cat.  When spring comes, she would like a safe yard to go out in and enjoy nature. But she has no desire to leave a happy home.

In Anchorage. CAll 980-8898