Neveah is a gorgeous Russian Blue girl. She is about 4 years old and came to us declawed.

Neveah is a lovely girl who loves to play and she loves to be pet when she’s ready for cuddle time. She enjoys time with her family and will entertain her people with fun antics, jumping and scooting after a toy. She has that independent cat streak in her personality and when she is done with playing and cuddling, she will go off and do her quiet cat business. She does not seem to do well with other cats; she is more tolerant of dogs who are mellow and easy. Probably because of the pain associated with declawing, she gets uneasy in times of stress and will swipe at those who annoy her. She is probably not a cat for small children. But a mature family with a settled home and lots of love would be perfect. A safe yard where she can go outside and focus on leaves in the breeze and birds flying over would be a great joy to her.

In Anchorage.