China is a beautiful silky haired girl, all sleek and shiny and beautiful. Her hair is medium length and she has a plume tail. She is very petite and maybe a couple years old.

China is a shy girl who so wants to be loved and cared for. She is very intelligent and figured out the cat doors in a day. She spent her life in a cat colony at a construction site where she got some attention from people, but too often there was just noise and yelling from humans. In a home, she is adorable and charming. She loves to be pet and will roll over on her back for tummy rubs. But any strange noise or movement will send her back to her safe place. She is amazing with other cats. Absolutely no problem at all fitting it (although she will not be intimidated). Her colony lived around dogs and so she would be okay with a very mellow, non-threatening dog. She does like to go outside. But she absolutely LOVES having a warm safe cozy home with caring people. She’s the purrfect cat for a family with other nice cats, a settled quiet home without a lot of chaos. She’s an excellent huntress so she would be happy to help control the rodents around your home. She will need a yard area where she can go out.

In Homer but she can travel for the right loving family. Call 980-8898