Skeeter is a cutie! He’s the littlest of his litter. Short black hair, slim and so sweet. He is about 13 weeks old.

Skeeter is a darling. He was the first of his litter to cuddle up and purr with people. He’s an adventurous romper of the first degree. He loves to play with his siblings. But he also loves to cuddle up with his people and be a snuggie bug. He loves to sleep with his people and prefers under the covers. When the toy mouse on a string comes out, he is right there to fly in the air after it. He loves to wrestle with his kitten friends and race like crazy. He wants to grow up to be a hunter and will need a safe yard to go out in when spring comes. And he will need a kitty friend to play with in his new home.

In Homer but can travel for a good home. Call 980-8898