On Hold

These kitties are on hold


My name is Dee-Oh-Gee (DOG), yeah funny, right? I'm a handsome 1 1/2 year old boy and usually I sport a pretty nice long haired coat. But my last owner shaved me like a lion, real funny, and now I'm a little chilly.

I get along with dogs (go figure) but I picked on the other cat at my last home and I am not fond of the cats at my foster house either. I would be best as your only cat because no human needs more than just me!

I am dewormed, neutered, microchipped, and current on my shots. Waiting for you to meet me in Wasilla. 907-863-1444.


Camo is a long lean muscular boy. His dad is a Siamese mix which is so obvious in his classic elegant Siamese physique. He has short  silky hair that is black but marked with subtle tiger stripes across his back and sides. He is named for that handsome camouflage effect. He is about 13 weeks old.

Camo is a super sweet little guy. Often he is too busy to reveal his lovey side. He is a racing, jumping, climbing amazement. He can fly across the room from one piece of furniture to another effortlessly, as if he is naturally airborne. He is crazy to hunt and knows how to catch rodents. He is just fine with other cats, even the big cats in the house who are testy. He just flits on by and does his own thing. He does love to play with his siblings and spends a lot of time romping and wrestling with them. But when he's tuckered out, he will nestle up with his person and purr away.  He loves to sleep by their side. He will need a safe yard to hunt in and a feline friend in his new home.

In Homer but he can travel for the right family. Call 980-8898


Jimmy is one of our special needs kittens. He was born with a deformity of the front legs. He is a darling little orange boy with a little fluff to his fur.

Jimmy is a sweet boy who loves to snuggle. He is a bit skittish at first, but will come to you when he is comfortable. He loves to chase feather toys and lazer lights or anything on a string. The slight deformity in his front legs don't slow him down at all! He rough-houses and chases the other kitties without any problem. He will need a very safe fenced yard where he can go with his family when the weather is nice.

In Anchorage.


Lego is a long haired girl in white with pretty black cap. Her coat is as soft as cashmere. She is a petite girl about a year old.

Lego loves her kitty friends. She likes to lay on her back and hug her kitty friends when they come by. She is great with dogs and doesn't bother the birds. Very calm personality. She plays with toys and the laser tag. She is shy with people and does not seem very interested in being pet, though she allows it, or being picked up.  She is okay living in a home with humans but her focus is her feline family. She is the purrfect girl, beautiful and easy, to be a great companion and beloved friend of another cat who needs a buddy. Her human will need to give her time to adjust to a new home and person, and treasure her for the beautiful delightful kitty that she is. In time, Lego very likely will create a bond with her person that is deep and wonderful, even if it does not include lap sitting. Lego is one of our 'spirit cats' who has the ability to bring joy to a home with other nice cats and people who are happy to let her be the sweet family member that she can be in a house with love.

In Wasilla.


ScarletScarlet is a beautiful young girl not even a year old yet. She has striking blue eyes and a lush coat. She is a very special, unusual long-haired lynx-point Siamese.

Scarlet is a very shy girl. She likes to hang out around her people but she is not sure about being pet. She does love to play string and bird and the laser light is just the coolest thing ever. She is great with other nice cats and dogs too and will need other welcoming critters in her new home. This wonderful little girl will take a very patient loving human to let her take all the time she needs to settle in. She may never be a lap cat, but she is certain to be a delightful member of a family--nice cats and dogs and a person with a lot of love and understanding to give.

In Eagle River.


NapoleonNapoleon is an awesome boy, big and gentle and Maine Coonish. He is definitely a gentle giant. He has long hair that will need regular brushing.

Napoleon is a sweetheart guy. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He will be kind and loving to anyone who will return the love. He is very easy to love and to live with. He has lived with another cat and does just fine. He can tolerate a mellow dog, but doesn't do well with those that are in his face. Napoleon is a little heavier than he should be and would do well to have a family that will help him get more exercise and better food. He is about 2 years old and should have a yard where he can walk out with his family and enjoy the sunshine, watch the birds. Sweet lovely guy for a happy family.

In Anchorage.


misty-goodMisty is a gorgeous little girl 3-4 months old. She has the prettiest coat in beautiful calico colors--orange and black and white.

Misty is a cutie with a mind of her own. She LOVES the other kitties in the house and hangs out with them to learn everything they know. She does like to be pet but she does not want to be picked up. She will come to her people when she wants to be given attention. She is independent and sassy and would be an excellent little huntress to help in case any rodents invade the house. When summer comes, she would love to go outside in the yard with her cat friends and continue her cat education. She will be a great kitty for a family that wants a cat to be a buddy for their cat, and to share their lives but not make a nuisance of herself. A beautiful little girl.

In Wasilla.