Norm is a handsome boy in a neat short black haired coat. She is a little bit chubby, all the more to cuddle with. He’s a couple years old.

Norm is a total sweetheart if you’re a human or a dog. He LOVES snuggles and being pet and hanging out with his family. He is vocal and really needs buddies, human or canine in his new home. He is not a good cat to stay home alone without his pals and he’ll let you know if he feels neglected. Nestled up next to his family or out in the yard with his family is where he is happy and wants to be. He can live with some felines, but doesn’t care for others. Norm is an absolutely great cat. He had entropion, a condition where the eyelids turn inward and scratch the eyeball. But his surgery went great and he is healing up fine. And now he’s ready for that terrific happy family who he knows is out there for him.

In Wasilla.