Leonard is a handsome Maine Coonish boy with a big fluffy coat and a wonderful personality. He’s a senior cat and proud of it because he has learned a lot about how to be a good boy in a home.

Leonard is a sweet, loving guy. He is so easy going, just wants to be loved by a happy family so his great personality will fit right in. He does great with nice dogs and cats and he would be fine with kids who are not too crazy and rough. He has been through a lot in his life, much of it unknown to rescue, but we do know that he lived in a no-kill shelter for years, and then later ended up cold and starving outside in winter by an adopter. He is still catching up on food and the comforts of a warm home. This boy will share your bed, give you lots of love, and return every act of kindness with purrs and gratefulness. He would like a nice yard to go outside in during the summer, but please no more abandonment.

In Wasilla.