Leeloo is a little doll! She about 6 months old and just the cutest little gray girl with cashmere soft hair and a darling face.

Leeloo loves other kitties. And she loves her special people too. She likes to play and race cuddle and all the wonderful things that little kitty girls love to do. She is shy with strangers and will need a person who is willing to give her time to learn to trust and to know that she is now in a wonderful loving family. She definitely will need a feline companion in her new home. Leeloo started out as a homeless kitten outside with her brother. She loves being cozy in a safe home with loving people. She will need a safe place to go outside and play in the grass and climb trees when she the weather is nice and after she has bonded with her people.

She’s in Anchorage. Call 980-8898