Kitty is a trip! She’s a big girl, about 16 pounds, gorgeous rich tortoiseshell coat. She’s about 7 years old, intelligent and opinionated.

Kitty is a sweetheart who loves her people. She will let you know when it’s time to cuddle, plop on your lap and purr and purr. A big bundle of unconditional love. She is totally fine around non-intimidating dogs. And she is great with other cats she likes, possibly prefers males. She has the gravitas to pull off ‘aloof’ but really she is a marshmallow. She loves loving and she so wants to be loved by her family and given a special place in their heart. She likes to go outside a bit, never wanders far from home and doesn’t seem very interested in hunting. But she will need a yard to enjoy with her family.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898