In Trial Placement

These kitties are in trial placement pending final adoption.



Otter is a handsome blue-eyed fellow of the Himalayan persuasion. He is a senior boy but loves to spread all around to kind gentle people. He is about 18 years old.

Otter is a lovely guy. He is retired and likes hanging out, basking in the cozy quarters of his happy home with a family who adores him. He doesn't require much in the way of excitement; an evening movie would be fine, some cuddles from his people, a few pets, and good food. He would much prefer a home without other critters and one that is not chaotic and crazy loud. He needs his space to veg out, but he does want to be part of the family.

He's in Wasilla. Call 631-1901


Kingston is about 9 years old, very soft medium length hair that rarely tangles.

Kingston is a junk food junkie  (but being introduced to higher quality cat food) and possibly a kitty crack addict. He **loves** his Matanuska Thunder catnip. He also loves being combed, and lap/attention time. Playful but overall fairly quiet. He would be fine with a dog that ignores him and has lived with dogs he loved. Great with other cats.  He is a smaller boy and weighs 10.5 pounds. He will need a safe place to go outside.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898



Felicity is a darling girl about 3 years old, the purrfect age for a family.  She has cashmere soft medium length hair and pretty camouflage pattern of warm colors.

Felicity is friendly and lovable with her people. She enjoys being pet and cuddled and would love to have her own person to curl up with at night. She does just fine with other cats. She would be a nice girl for a family with older children and a yard where she can go outside sometimes. She's a wonderful kitty ready for a loving family.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


Tiger is a handsome creamsicle guy, all orange and ivory, fluffy, soft and adorable. He is about 2 years old.

Tiger is super sweet. He's a lover! He likes to snuggle and do all those sweet kitty things, like nestle up in your arms for love and purr purr purr.  He also loves to play. Have toys, will have a great time! He likes to show his appreciation of his toys by racing and jumping around like a kitten.  He is talkative with his people , loves to be pet, and gets along great with other nice cats. We don't know about dogs. He will need a safe place to go outside when the weather is nice.

In Anchorage. Call 960-0096



Sissy is a little black kitty. She is polydactyl! About 5 months old, she is adorable!

Sissy started out a scared kitten, but now just wants cuddles and of course, playtime! She loves other nice kitties and will need a feline companion in her new home. She likes to romp and race and check out her world  and be happy in kittenhood. It's time for her to settle in with a family and bond with them, win their hearts and be loved forever. When spring comes and she is attached to her people and home, she will need a safe place to go outside with her family.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Sarge is a handsome young fellow about 7 or 8 months old. He is gray and white, with medium hair, white boots and a cute little face.

Sarge is a great little boy. He was born outside to a feral mom. But he loved being petted by the man who found him at a construction site. He enjoys attention of the people he trusts and he is great with other nice cats and even gentle dogs. He will shy away from strangers, but once he knows you, he will hang out to be pet and he will rub against your legs to return the affection. He knows how to hunt and he will want a safe place to go out and do that when the weather is nice. But he so much needs a family to take him into their home and hearts and share happiness and joy always.

In Anchorage. CAll 980-8898


Jamie is cute ragdoll mix boy about 10 months old. He has an ivory coat and sky blue eyes.

Jamie is the classic ragdoll, so easy and lovable and gentle and sweet. He easily fits into a loving family of friendly cats and mellow dogs. He loves to cuddle and he loves to play. So he will need a family with another fun welcoming cat, and humans who have time to give him loving attention. He loves to go outside and play and hunt in the summertime so he will need a safe yard to go.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Jolene is a wonderful shorthaired brown tabby girl about 5 years old. Sleek, beautiful, with that amazing striped tiger look of her wild ancestors.

Jolene lived in a shelter for a year and a half where she did not do well.  But as soon as she moved into her foster home, she blossomed. She can be a little shy at first, but as soon as she warms up, she is an absolute cuddle bug and loves to have her human’s attention. Playing isn’t really her forte; she would rather be snuggling on your lap or chest and kneading you. Chin scratches are especially her favorite! She doesn’t like too much commotion, and would like to have a calmer home. She loves to look outside and would need a safe space to explore. She gets along with other kitties and calm dogs, but does like to have her personal space, so would not be suitable for small children.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898



James is a sweetheart about a year old. He is all black, and beautiful, and very large. He has golden eyes with green tint. His hair is short and he always looks neat.

James loves his people. He enjoys hanging out with them, cuddling with them, playing, and he would have a great time going outside in warm weather with his family to run around and explore the yard, check out the butterflies and climb every tree. Once he trusts his people, he loves to greet you every time with a meow, to snuggle up on a lap, sleep with his family.  He is getting used to being picked up and carried around. He is a very affectionate boy who wants so much to bond with his people and be theirs forever.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Selena is a darling black girl with short hair. She is a petite girl about 9 years old.

Selena is the sweetest thing. So loving and adorable. She is friendly and happy to be with her people. And with other cats she is completely fine. She's social with those around her who are kind and gentle. She loves having quiet time but she also enjoys the activities of a settled family, taking care of her humans with purrs and cuddles. She would totally love to have a yard where she can have the joy of the outside world to explore.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Stella is a young spayed female, only 8 months old. She is a kitty who might take some extra time to adjust to a new home, but once she gets comfortable, she will be a wonderful friend forever. She has lived with another cat. Will need a safe area to play in when the weather is nice. In Soldotna, 907 953 0333.


Spook and Spike are a bonded pair of cats who had been declawed. They are brother and sister about 7 years old, beautiful sleek cats.

Spook is the boy and he is a little shyer than Spike who is more friendly and outgoing. They would be an amazing pair of cats to have as your beloved family members. Happy with each other, you would never have to worry about them being all alone or lonely while you're at work. Sweet gentle cats for a great family.

In Anchorage. Call 219-229-5085



Spooky is an adorable 3 year old boy with a fluffy coat and a cute little dab of white down his nose and cheek.

Spooky is a very nice boy who would love a home with a great outside area and a settled family. He can do okay with another cat or dog or a gentle child. But he prefers less chaos, a home with loved ones who are not chasing or yelling or in his face. He loves to be pet when the house is quiet and his person is kind and gentle. And he loves to go outside and hunt, enjoy the beauty and quiet of the outside.

In Eagle River. Call 980-8898


MJ is a handsome orange and white boy with a fluffy ruff and the sweetest face. He is about 8 months old.

Mj is an 'everyone's cat'. He's a chill guy. He loves all creatures and shares his toys and food. He's a true treasure. He may take a minute to get used to a new home and family, but he will be the purrfect cat when he is adjusted to his new place. He would like a safe outside place to go when the weather is nice.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898



Charles Bernard (Charlie Bug) is a very fun and sweet 5 year-old guy with a tiny independent streak that makes him a wonderful companion for a small, quiet household with older children, an older couple, or a single person. Loud, frenetic situations make him nervous but if things are calm and quiet - he is a hoot!

He is a gorgeous red-point Siamese with silky fur and brilliant blue eyes. On the one hand, he likes to cuddle, nap, and stay close to you and on the other - he turns into a playful kitten chasing his tail and playing "chase" with you. If you talk to him, he'll respond and talk with his deep little meow. If he hasn't seen you in a while like in the morning after you wake up, you'll be sure to get a report of all the goings-on that happened at night as he waits to get his breakfast. Sometimes he's ready for some alone time and he'll let you know with his twitchy tail...the more twitch, the more he's trying to tell you to please allow him some time and space. Usually after a nap - he's right back to being a fun and funny love bug. He doesn't scratch furniture preferring instead a flat, corrugated cardboard scratch pad.

He would prefer to be the only, though could possibly be okay with a mellow female, but he might be fine with a laid back dogs that does his own dog thing and lets Charlie do the cat thing without interference. He's a great guy who will need a safe place to go outside sometimes. He was homeless for a while and so he's been there, done that, not interested in staying out long but a stroll in the yard would be great.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Io (pronounced eye-oh), is a sweet little 6 month old neutered male. He would like to be in a home with another friendly cat to play with. He will come and sit in your lap and purr while being petted once he gets to know you. Probably would not be good in a home with noisy small children, loud noises and quick movements tend to startle him. Nice dogs would be ok, he will take some time to get used to them. Will need a safe outdoor area to explore when the weather is nice. In Kenai, 907 398 9128


Tina is a beautiful long-haired calico girl. She is a bit chubby and soft as a bunny. She is about 5 years old.

Tina is a sweetie. She loves her people. She likes to be pet and to share time with her family. She does great with calm, gentle humans, even if they are young although a chaotic child home is not the best for her. She does love to play with a mouse on a string and to roam around, exploring the house. She would enjoy a little yard too where she can go with her people to bask in the sun or snooze in the grass. She does fine with another mellow cat and will even play with a cat companion at times. She will need an owner who can help her lose a little weight, slowly, and brush her daily.

She is in Homer but can travel for the right adopter.  907 980 8898


Milo is a slim orange boy who came to us declawed. He has short hair and is fairly small, though long. He is about 9 years old.

Milo is a sweetheart with his beloved people. He LOVES to cuddle, get on your lap and knead and knead. He has a HUGE purr that can be heard from across the room. Such sweet music to ease your soul. He likes to follow his people around and 'help' with chores. He's curious about things and would love to investigate his territory. He can get super riled up playing with toys and race around like a kitten. He has lived with other cats but he is much happier as the only cat. We don't know how he would be with dogs. But people, especially with women, this boy is a dream cat! He would love a happy family and a safe yard where he can venture out in the summer to watch the leaves flutter and the birds fly by.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898



Squeaks is wonderful! No way around it. The obvious is her beauty, adorable fluffy tiger. Petite and delicate and sweet as can be. Her coat is Maine Coonish but she has a lion cut now. She is about 6 years old and had previously been declawed.

Squeaks is the purrfect cat. It doesn't take long to get this part of wonderful about her. She is friendly, sweet, loving. She adores her people and she is great with other nice cats. She gets along with any that will be nice to her and the rest she avoids. No drama with Squeaks. Just sweetness and love. She will need a yard to go outside in to enjoy the pleasures of warm weather and fresh air.

She's in Anchorage. Call 980-8898


DJ is a big wonderful boy in gray and white. He is handsome, probably a couple years old.

DJ is a friendly sweet guy. He is ready to begin a great new happy life with a family who will love him and care for him forever. He had time outside on his own for months and it was not the life he wanted. Now he is so contented to have a warm home and kind people in his life. He does great with the other cats too and doesn't seem to mind the mellow dog. He would be purrfect for most any good family. He will need a safe yard to go outside in the summer when he's ready.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Chloe is a very confident 3 or 4 year old long haired brown tabby. She’s a beautiful girl and she knows it!

Chloe is very friendly and playful and full of delightful antics. She loves being with her people and given all the attention she can get. Wherever you are, she’ll be right next to you. Being brushed and belly rubs are some of her favorite things. She will roll over on the ground at your feet and wait for her belly to be scratched. She prefers to be the boss of the house and doesn’t like dogs in her space, but would tolerate another kitty. She would like to be in a home that will treat her like the princess she knows she is!

In Anchorage. Call 960-0096


Petra is a young spayed female medium hair torti, about 6 months old. She is sweet and petite. Would be fine with kids. Has lived with cats and dogs. Very gentle and loves petting, loves to sit in your lap. Will need a safe outdoor area to explore when the weather is nice. In Kenai, 907 398 9128


Bella is a beautiful calico girl, soft, lush coat and sweet temperament. She is probably about 7 years old.

Bella is a darling girl who will do more than be a pretty adornment; she is so lovable. She likes to be picked up and carried around. She will put her arms around your neck for a hug while you snuggle her. She loves her people so much. She enjoys cuddles and kisses and is happy just hanging out with family. She seems to do okay with another mellow cat who keeps their distance but doesn't want to engage in a real cat relationship. People are her family! And she needs a human who will return the deep love and devotion that she so wants to give with all her heart.

She is in Anchorage. Call 960-0096


Domino and CB are good looking boys who are bonded; they have lived together since CB was a kitten. Domino is a striking Russian Blue boy about 6 years old. CB is slightly fluffy and appears to have ragdoll in his ancestry; he is approximately 4 years old.

Domino and CB are a great pair. They're buds. They hang out together and are happy being in each other's company. They love to go outside and hunt, enjoy the wonders of the natural world. They are excellent rodent catchers. Domino has lived with a dog in his past life; we don't know about CB.  With this great pair of boys, you would not have to worry about your cat being lonely while you're at work. They are friendly, lovable boys who will be a great addition to any loving family with a good hunting area.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898

They can be adopted together for $100!


Burley Man is a BIG guy. He lives up to his name. He's about 4 years old and is currently sporting a half shaven/half long haired do.

Burly man is not only large in stature but big on love as well.  He easily adapts to new situations and is very social. He likes other cats, dogs, and humans too. He would do best in a home with a comfy couch or bed and humans that give belly rubs. He will need a safe outside place to go when the weather is good.

He is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped and is available in Wasilla. 907-863-1444


Bella is a beautiful young girl in a patched gray and white coat.

Bella is sweet and gentle. She can be slightly skittish and take a little warming up to new friends. But she but can be won over with some nice head scratches and patience. She wants to be the beloved member of a happy family and will try her best to please. She just needs a little time to know that people are safe and loving. She would be fine with another mellow cat, or maybe a dog. She will need a safe yard to go outside in when the weather is fine.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Lulu is gorgeous, with silky hair that catches the light to shimmer subtle colors. She has just the slightest bit of fluff so that her coat looks rich and beautiful. She is around 3 years old.

Lulu is so sweet. She loves to be loved and share time with her people. She likes to play and she likes to cuddle and purr. If she can sleep with her people, nestled up at the bottom of the bed, she would be so happy.  She loves attention, very playful and curious. She will sometimes curl up with her people on the couch, but loves climbing, rolling on the carpet, and running around as well. Lulu spent months in a shelter where she was stressed and not doing well, too many other cats and too many strange people. But she does great with another nice cat in the house, and she LOVES people. She would like a home where she can be a part of the family, help with chores, enjoy exploring the yard with the family, hanging out and watching movies late at night. She is a wonderful family cat ready to have her wonderful family.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Coco is a lovely orange girl, short haired, neat, with big expressive eyes. She is about 5 years old.

Coco is very friendly and talkative. She’ll run over to you if you call her or make kitty noises and rub on you. She’s a big kneader. She kneads all the time. When she’s curious or hears a weird noise, she’ll sit on her butt like a prairie dog. She seems to like other nice cats and would do best with a feline buddy to hang out with. She gets along with nice, calmer dogs. She paws at the back door to let you know that she would love to go outside. So she will need a safe outside place to go when the weather is fine. She is an amazing and wonderful girl!

She's in Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Tux is black and white female. She has the silkiest coat. She will entertain u with her acrobatic leaps. Loves anything with feathers. Prefers cuddling at your side to lap time. Litter box trained, gets along with dogs and kids

Kitty Purry

Kitty Purry is a sweet 4 month old spayed female. She is great with her people, could be a little shy until she gets to know them. She may be ok with other nice cats after an adjustment period, or would be ok as an only cat. Will need a safe outdoor area to explore when the weather is nice.  In Kenai, 907 398 9128


Bagheer is a great BIG gorgeous shiny black boy about 5 years old. He is long haired with the look and the stature of a a Maine Coon.

Baghee has been a well loved cat but his humans had some unexpected life changes and hardships and sadly could not keep him. Initially shy he is a gentle giant who warms up quickly and enjoys being pet and brushed.  Friendly but not necessarily a snuggle bug. Usually prefers to warm the foot of the bed and keep watch. He loves to help around the kitchen in the mornings to make sure breakfast is on time, and then nap until it's time to help his people in their afternoon and evening activities. He loves to be helpful. He also loves to go outside, sometimes even when it's snowy or rainy, but particularly in summer when he would spend half the day hunting and exploring.

He can hear the slightest rattle of the treat bag or treat drawer opening and comes running at full speed. He’s an intelligent cat who likes to call the shots.  Goes crazy over feathered toys and catnip.  We find toy mice scattered around the house. Does not really care for dogs or other large male cats who come into his space.  In younger years he spent time in a home with younger cats and they were good friends. In his former home, he was picked up by kids but he prefers adult attention. Curious and surprisingly agile for a large cat.  Likes to hop up onto windowsills to watch the great outdoors like a smash hit movie. Very quiet except when letting you know he’s hungry!  Adores all who feed him:)

He is in Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Sweet Rosa is lovely. She is a short haired tabby girl, all neat and elegant. She is mid-age, maybe 7 years old.

Rosa is a sweetheart who loves her people. She is gentle and affectionate, so happy to have someone to love her. She was found outside, either abandoned or lost, and not doing very well. In a home, she is s dream kitty, all loves and snuggles, totally happy to be in the lap of a person who cares for her. She is easily intimidated by other cats so she will need a home with a very mellow feline, or no cat at all. She will happily provide all the love and joy you could ever want from a cat.  When spring comes, she would like a safe yard to go out in and enjoy nature. But she has no desire to leave a happy home.

In Anchorage. CAll 980-8898


Jupiter is a pretty girl with a funny harlequin face. She has a short haired coat and is very neat and soft.

Jupiter is a lovely girl about 3 years old. She loves to be pet by her people. She enjoys cuddles and hanging out with her family. She gets along just fine with other cats and nice dogs and she would be fine with gentle loving children. She will need a safe yard to go out in to enjoy the summer weather. She will be a wonderful friendly and easy kitty to be part of a loving family.

In Kenai. Call 907 776 4056


Leonardo is a darling little gray boy who is soft and snuggly. He is about 6 months old.

Leonardo is adorable. He loves to play and romp around like a silly kid. He has a great time with his kitty friends in the foster home. But he also loves to be cuddled by his beloved humans. He might take a minute to adjust to strangers and a strange place. But once he knows you are his kind people, he will melt in your arms. He will need a feline friend in his new home and a safe yard to go out in next spring with his family.

In Palmer. Call 350=8089


Milo is a sweet boy about 3 yrs old. He has a gorgeous medium haired coat with stripes and dashes, a white chin and little white tippy toes.

Milo  has lived with dogs, cats, and kids, and would be fine with all after a proper introduction period. He is adorable and friendly with his people and would love a family that likes to have fun, play with string and go outside in the yard together in the summertime. He needs a safe outdoor area to play in when the weather is nice.

We do not allow declawing. He is in Wasilla, 907 980 8898


Fireball is a young spayed female, short haired dilute torti, about 1 yr old. She is great with everything, cats, dogs, and kids. Will need a safe outdoor area to explore when the weather is nice. She did have kittens with us and they have already been fixed and adopted. Available in Kenai, 907 398 9128


Jewell is a lovely, silky haired girl. She is ebony and absolutely wonderful. She is about 6 years old.

Jewell is a super sweet, mellow girl. She is tolerant of others and does okay with other cats and mellow dogs. She would probably be fine with nice kids. Jewell loves to be loved by her people and enjoys being pet and sitting on welcoming laps. She is okay too napping on her own, or wandering out into the yard to explore on warm days. She will be an excellent, well-behaved family member for a happy family.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


What a petite little cutie Luna is! All decked out in black and white, sleek and neat and totally CUTE!

Luna is outgoing and friendly. She loves her people as well as her kitty friends. She likes cuddles and playtime and the joys of being loved and adored by her family. She came from a dicey situation. But she is still great with people and just about everyone who will be kind and friendly with her. She is around 16 weeks old and likely to remain small. She will need a home with a kitty friend and a safe place to go outside with her family when summer comes.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Gemma is adorable! A darling little tortoiseshell girl about 4 or 5 months old and as cute as a button.

Gemma is a such a little love. She is shy at first but oh my when she decides that you are her person, she is a dream cuddler. And she does love to play and hang out with her kitty friends. She races around and climbs and tumbles........there is lots of fun and joy to share with this darling. She will need a feline companion who loves her and a human who is willing to give her time to adjust to a new home and people she doesn't know, time to bond with her new family. When spring comes she will need a safe yard to go out in with her family.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Dezi is a kitten about 5months old. She is a cutie short haired tortoiseshell girl, lean and lithe and full of energy.

Dezi is a sweet little thing ever who just wants to be loved and have fun. She would be a great fit for a family with another confident cat or dog and older children or just adults. She loves to groom the older cat in the house and play with hair ties. She likes to lick when she getting pet. She is too impatient and revved up at times for really little kids but a great friend for older children. . She will need a safe yard to go outside in when spring comes so she can explore and have the fun times that a kitten should experience.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Lightning is a super sweet 3 1/2 month old neutered male, he is the kitten of Swan, also available, and they could be adopted as a pair. He is great with other cats, nice dogs, and children. Must go to a home with another cat as a feline companion, needs a safe outdoor area to play in when the weather is nice, and we do not allow declawing. In Soldotna, 907 398 9128


Sherbet is a total and utter love! This adorable, long haired Siamese sweetie is about 2 years old. She has blue blue eyes and a little touch of tiger stripe on her forehead.

Sherbet is the cuddliest cat ever! Loves kids, other nice kitties AND isn’t afraid of dogs.
She can’t get enough love. She will need a place with loving family that will give her attention and affection, and where she can go outside in the summertime with her family to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

In Anchorage. Call 960-0096


Mitch is about 15 months old and a big baby who loves snuggles. He is a gorgeous lynx point Siamese with a super soft coat and blue eyes.

Mitch does great with kids, dogs , and cats. He is a little shy with strangers, but once he warms up, he is yours forever. He will need that special family to give him time to adapt to a new home and new people but he is worth every moment of waiting to have this sweetheart cuddled up in your arms and embedded in your heart. He will need a safe outside place to go when the weather is good and he is completely bonded with his family.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Kitty is a gorgeous short haired boy in sunshine orange and white.

Kitty is the sweetest guy ever! He will purr at the drop of a hat, or the slightest touch. He is a special boy with some special needs, and worth every effort made for him. He was likely born to a mom that had been exposed to distemper. And so he ended up with a bit of a wobble. He gets around fine, uses the litter box. That is not a problem. But sometimes he just tends to lean over, or trip on some mysterious obstacle. It is also possible that Kitty is losing his eyesight, possibly a result of exposure to the virus in the womb. But what an amazingly wonderful boy he is! He gets along with all the other cats and is great with people. All he needs is a stable loving family that he can share all his love and happiness with. He will bring so much joy to his people; there could never be regrets for making this sweetheart a part of the family.

He's in Kenai. Call 398-9128



Moe is an adorable little girl about 3 or 4 months old. She is as cute as a button in her ebony coat and her charming ways.

Moe is  energetic, playful, and the sweetest napping buddy. She loves to bounce around after toys and she would very much love a kitty friend in her new home. She will need a safe place to go outside when spring comes where she can play with her family and enjoy warm fun days.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Fozzie is a young adult a couple years old. He is a fluffy ivory boy with gray markings on his head and tail. He appears to be a Turkish Van mix.

Fozzie is full of life and energy. He is lovable and cuddly with his people. With other critters, he has a streak of teenager in him. He loves to wait around corners for others to pass by and jump out for the sheer excitement of shocking them. He would likely be fine with a mellow cat who is okay with his shenanigans but might be too annoying for someone more sensitive. He would be a great companion for an older child, to go out in the yard to play, or to hang out in their room while they play games. He's a wonderful rascal ready for a fun and loving family.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


Nichole is a beautiful tabby and white girl, silky and very neat. She is about a year old.

Nichole is super sweet with her people. She will follow you around trilling and meowing just to say hello. She is always ready to sit in a lap and purr. She loves to be pet. Found outside on her own, she is so grateful and happy to have a home to live in and would be thrilled to have a forever family who will always care for her and give her love. A safe yard where she can go with her family in nice weather is important for her to enjoy the joy of summer.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Cinder is a very sweet kitty about 5 yrs old. He was a stray, so his exact age is not known but the vet thinks he is 3 to 5 yrs old. He is OK with other cats and great with people. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He is in Kenai, call 907 398 9128 for more information.


Cornbread and Chili are a pair of siblings almost 4 months old. Cornbread is a tiger striped tabby girl and Chili is golden orange.

This little sister and brother are adorable! And full of fun! They will race around the house like crazy kitties and entertain you endlessly. They love each other and spend most of their time either dashing around or snuggling up in cute little purring furballs. They love their people and are ready to settle into a new family. Fine with other cats; a mellow non-threatening dog would probably be fine too.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


LB is a petite gentleman who is affectionate and loving with his people. He is 3-4 years old and loves to go outside so he must have access to a safe outdoor area. He must have a quiet settled home with no kids. He loves dogs and is okay with a mellow cat but would also be fine as an only kitty. Too many cats stress him out to much. He is vaccinated, neutered, and micro chipped.

In Palmer. 907-350-8089. Please no calls or texts after 8pm.