In Trial Placement

These kitties are in trial placement pending final adoption.



Marley is a baby boy who is all black. He is slightly fluffy and soft and cuddly, about 12 weeks old.

Marley is an adorable little guy who loves to play. He will play with strings, paper balls, people, other kitties. All things are potential toys. He runs around like normal baby feline troublemaker and entertains his family to no end.  And then will purr purr when held and snuggle up with his kitty friends and his people. He must have a friendly feline in his new home, as well as a safe yard where he can go out and play.

In Anchorage. CAll 980-8898


Simba is a handsome fellow in a mellow buff colored coat, short haired and always neat looking. He has the cutest face!

Simba is a dreamboat! He is lovable and fun. He loves to play. He will romp around with his people or his cat friends and chase toys. He is affectionate and loves to share cuddles with his family. He is about 4 or 5 years old but he has the personality of a fun-loving forever young kitten. He can do fine with another cat who doesn't try to dominate him. He will need a safe yard where he can go out with his people and have summer fun.

In Kenai. Call 980-8898


Carmen is a gorgeous Russian Blue girl with a short haired coat. She is maybe 4 or 5 years old.

Carmen is a settled dependable girl who is comfortable living with a happy family and being their special beloved one. She can be independent and do her own thing when everyone is busy doing other things; not at all demanding but she does very much enjoy being pet and given the love she wants to share with her people. She can do fine with another  mellow cat. She will need a safe place to go outside and do natural cat things when the weather is good.

In Kenai. Call 398-9128


Milo and Marley--little black boys (tabby adopted)





The Calico Girls


Ruby is a long haired beauty with a great personality. She is black and has recently been shaved.

Ruby is a great cat who is friendly and happy. She does okay with other nice cats and dogs. And she would probably be fine with kids who are gentle and loving. She is affectionate with her people and she loves to hang out with them on quiet evenings in the house, or help with garden chores on warm summer days. She will need a safe yard where she can enjoy the summer with her family. She is about 7 years old, well mannered and easy to love.

In Kenai. Call 398-9128


Kruger is a neat gray boy, a handsome Russian Blue.

Kruger is a sweet boy. He has a gentle nature and tries to get along with everyone who will be nice to him. He does fine with the other cats in his foster home and has no tendencies whatsoever to try to dominate anyone. He is okay with mellow non-intimidating dogs. Kruger was found as a stray outside and although he never wants to be lost and alone again, he would like to have a yard in his new home where he can go outside with his family on nice days.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Diesel and Sister are looking for a new home where they can be indoor/outdoor cats. They are brother and sister and about 3 1/2 years old. They are always excited to see their human when you get home and love cuddling and attention. Diesel sometimes seems more like a dog than a cat being curious and following you around. Sister is a little more timid but just as loving and affectionate. Both are good with dogs and children.

Diesel and Sister are being rehomed only because they love to go outside and at their present home, the neighbor is threatening. They MUST have a safe outside area to hunt and play and be natural cats.

In Eagle River.

They can be adopted as a pair for $100.


Ember is adorable. She is a 6 month old Siamese girl with blue eyes and the cutest ways.

Ember loves to love. And she loves to play. She snuggles and cuddles and purrs and then she's off to play with kitty friends. She likes to race and romp and use up all that teenage kitty energy spreading fun and joy around. She will absolutely need a cat who will want to play with her and be her friend. And a family with fun up their sleeve to share with her. She would do fine with nice kids who will play and share fun times in the yard.

In Palmer.


Diva is a little doll. Slightly fluffy, all in black, she is petite and adorable. Maybe a year old.

Diva is very affectionate and sweet. She will purr and cuddle. And she loves to play. She would enjoy play in the house and outside. She likes to go out and bask in the beauty of the outdoors. She is a magnet for kitty treats and will come as soon as you shake a kitty treat bag. She likes to sit on laps and be a little snugglebunny. She does just fine with other nice cats and dogs and would be a nice kitty for a family with gentle children.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Ginger is an adorable little tortoiseshell girl. She is short haired with warm autumn forest colors in a pretty camouflage pattern. She is about 7 months old.

Ginger is lovable and sweet with her people. She likes to be pet and enjoys hanging out for cuddle time with her humans. She is uneasy around the strange cats in the house right now. But she's a young girl and needs time to understand that others are not threatening to her. She will be a great little family member for loving people. She will need a safe yard to go outside to enjoy the warm summer weather.

In Kenai. Call 398-9128


Jupiter is a pretty girl with a funny harlequin face. She has a short haired coat and is very neat and soft.

Jupiter is a lovely girl about 2 years old. She loves to be pet by her people. She enjoys cuddles and hanging out with her family. She gets along just fine with other cats and nice dogs and she would be fine with gentle loving children. She will need a safe yard to go out in to enjoy the summer weather. She will be a wonderful friendly and easy kitty to be part of a loving family.

In Kenai. Call 398-9128


Penny is an adorable fluffy black girl barely a year old. She is SO cute!

Penny is lovable and cuddly and really would love to have a  home with a kind loving family. She is great with older children and may do fine with well behaved younger children. She has been a little  short tempered with other cats while she has had kittens still in her care but will probably tolerate another mellow cat without problems. She will need a safe place to go outside when the weather is nice.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Gypsy is a lovely tuxedo girl, black and white in the prettiest design--a collar and little white feet.

Gypsy is a wonderful young girl about a year old. She came from a colony of cats and she loves other nice cats. She would be an excellent mentor and beloved friend of another nice cat. And she is a sweetie with her trusted people though she is skittish around sudden movements and loud noises. She will need a settled quiet home without small children. She can be pet and she can even be picked up (though it's not her favorite thing in the world). She likes to hang out on the sofa at the feet of her human and purr. She has great house manners, only scratches the scratching post and simply goes to her safe place when she needs time to herself. She is okay with a mellow dog in the home. She will need a safe place to go outside with her people once she has adapted to her new home. She will also need a cat friend.

In Anchorage.


Neveah is a gorgeous Russian Blue girl. She is about 4 years old and came to us declawed.

Neveah is a lovely girl who loves to play and she loves to be pet when she's ready for cuddle time. She enjoys time with her family and will entertain her people with fun antics, jumping and scooting after a toy. She has that independent cat streak in her personality and when she is done with playing and cuddling, she will go off and do her quiet cat business. She does not seem to do well with other cats; she is more tolerant of dogs who are mellow and easy. Probably because of the pain associated with declawing, she gets uneasy in times of stress and will swipe at those who annoy her. She is probably not a cat for small children. But a mature family with a settled home and lots of love would be perfect. A safe yard where she can go outside and focus on leaves in the breeze and birds flying over would be a great joy to her.

In Anchorage.


Rugby is a gorgeous Maine Coonish boy with an amazing lush coat. He is a big boy and super good looking.

Rugby has that easy Maine Coon type personality. He is very sweet with his people and he does just fine with other mellow cats and even dogs. He enjoys the attention of gentle kids who give him cuddles and sweet pets. He would love a home with a welcoming lap and a comfy place to lounge and nap, and which also had a safe yard where he can go out and smell the flowers. Rugby is about 8 years old, half of a normal cat lifetime into his life and so ready to share the next decade with a loving family.

He's in Wasilla. Call 631-1901


CR is a handsome fellow with a lush cat that is now styled in a lion cut.  He is probably about 5 or 6 years old.

CR is a lover. He is super sweet, loves to snuggle and purr and give head butts. He is good with other cats (although we have been told that he doesn't like orange cats). He is fine with older children and may do well with younger gentle kids. CR is such a special nice boy that he deserves a special loving family. He will need a safe yard where he can go outside when the weather is nice.

In Anchorage.



Star! She could be the light of your family as a great friend and companion for your lonely cat. Star is about 9 months old, shy around strange people, but she LOVES other cats. She could play and cuddle and groom her kitty friend.....make some sad kitty contented and happy. She does like her humans, will sit beside them and zoom around the house to entertain them. But she is not a lap cat and she is not very interested in being pet. But she is young and with time, she could be your sweet little calico girl who brings joy to every day. She is an excellent little huntress too and will help protect your home and garden.

In Wasilla. Call 631-1901


Stripe is a gorgeous boy, muscular and agile. He has a short haired coat in that wild tabby design with tiger stripes on his face, across his back and around his tail. He is about a year and a half old.

Stripe is a great cat. He does well with kids, even toddlers, and other cats and dogs. He is looking for a new home only because he very much needs a safe outside place  to hunt and do cat things. He is not a city boy. Stripe will be a great cat for any happy family with room for him to roam a bit and with time to share cuddles with him. He is a lovable guy. And his has skills. If you need a hunter to take care of your rodent problems, he would be purrfect.

He's in Anchorage.


Honeylemon is a gorgeous fellow in a lush orange coat. He's a big boy (the pic is deceptive), about 3 years old

Honeylemon is a quiet, sweet gentle boy. He loves to be loved by his people. He does fine with other nice cats but is a little overwhelmed at this foster home with lots of felines greeting him. He seems fine with the mellow dog as well. He would be a nice guy for a happy family, a great cuddlebug to hang out on the sofa with you, a good companion for sharing fun times in the yard. He will need a safe outside space to enjoy the summer.

In Palmer.


Tomcat is a 10 month old medium haired lad.

Although Tomcat is still a kitten he has a laid back attitude and would rather cuddle than participate in shenanigans. He shares his foster home with cats and dogs but he prefers human companionship. A little shy at first, once he gets to know you, he knows how to relax.

In Wasilla. 907-863-1444.



Norm is a handsome boy in a neat short black haired coat. She is a little bit chubby, all the more to cuddle with. He's a couple years old.

Norm is a total sweetheart if you're a human or a dog. He LOVES snuggles and being pet and hanging out with his family. He is vocal and really needs buddies, human or canine in his new home. He is not a good cat to stay home alone without his pals and he'll let you know if he feels neglected. Nestled up next to his family or out in the yard with his family is where he is happy and wants to be. He can live with some felines, but doesn't care for others. Norm is an absolutely great cat. He had entropion, a condition where the eyelids turn inward and scratch the eyeball. But his surgery went great and he is healing up fine. And now he's ready for that terrific happy family who he knows is out there for him.

In Wasilla.



What a handsome fella Flynn is! He was rescued out of the cold in the Houston area and his majestic black coat has been groomed back to a magnificent sheen. He is just a gentle soul that LOVES to chat with and hang out with his people. He has the most endearing raspy meow that you can't ignore! Flynn does very well around other cats and takes a more subservient role in the "pecking order". He is a bit leery of dogs, but will hang out with them if they don't bug him. He would likely do fine in a home with older kids. He is about 2 years old and adores going outside (even in the snow)! If you are looking for just an all around awesome kitty, Flynn is your guy!

In Wasilla. Call 980-1730


Wolcott  is a lean loving machine in a tiger coat. He is a hunter too.

Wolcott was abandoned in a trailer park and wandered the area  finding what food he could until a nice lady started feeding him and contacted rescue. He is SUCH a sweet fellow. He is so grateful to be in out of the cold in the luxury of a home with love and care. He may be a couple years old, friendly and happy. He does great with other cats and mellow dogs. A purrfect family cat.

In Wasilla.


Georgie is a handsome medium haired gentleman, about 10 years old. He is small and fluffy. He came to us declawed.

Georgie is very sweet and cuddly. He is such a nice boy who is fine with other cats and tolerant of mellow dogs. He is almost an insta-cat, one that immediately is friendly and snuggly. He will sleep with you and purr for pets. He would be a perfect family cat for a kind gentle family.

Neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. In Wasilla 907-863-1444


Padme is a beautiful blue-eyed girl with an ivory coat,  a fluffy lynx point Siamese. She is about 2 years old.

Padme is a loving girl who does just fine with other cats and dogs. She is okay with nice older kids but being picked up is not her favorite thing. She is friendly and snuggly and will do great in any happy family. She rolls on her back for belly rubs and is so incredibly sweet. She does need a safe place to go outside where she can enjoy the natural world and be the great cat that she is.

In Anchorage



Minnie is a sweet gentle girl in a very neat black and white coat.  She is a little bit chubby. Maybe 4 years old.

Minnie is a beautiful and gentle soul. She loves humans and is a wonderful companion. She was dropped off on a porch and really needs a loving, secure family she can settle in with. She is very passive and would probably be best as an only pet, but given time,  she could become used to other animals as long as she has a safe space to recede to. She has a beautiful soft coat and purrs continuously.  Friends say she looks elegant and should have a pearl or rhinestone collar! Someone will be blessed to have this loving soul in their home.

In Anchorage.


Piper is a sweet guy in an all black coat. She has silky medium length hair. He's a couple years old.

Piper wants cuddles. Lots of cuddles. He loves to get attention from his people, and he would love to have cat friend in his new family. He had a feline buddy for most of his life, and then his buddy got killed by a dog. Amazingly Piper is still tolerant of dogs but prefers that they are mellow and good natured. He does love to go outside and enjoy nature when the weather is nice. He's good with gentle kids.

In Wasilla.


Cinder is a handsome Russian Blue boy. Sleek, gorgeous, about a year old.

Cinder was raised as an only kitten and he has some of the effects of that lack of socializing with other cats. He is a sweet lovable boy who loves his people. But he behaves erratically at times, nipping for what seems like no apparent reason. He does not seem to intend to hurt anyone but he just act at times like a spoiled child, taking his frustration out on those he loves the most. He didn't have cat friends from the time he was a tiny kitten so there was no one to show him, in cat manner, how to behave to other cats or to people.  He can get along with other cat at times. But he does not understand cat language so he gives off wrong signals and creates odd situations where other cats don't know what he is up to. Cinder is a young guy with lots of teenage boy energy and he absolutely does need a safe place to go outside and hunt, explore, find activities that will help him be a natural cat. And he will do fine in a family who will teach him, just with words, that it is not okay to nip at people. Not a cat for little kids, but for adults who would be willing to help this sweet guy learn how to be a cat, he will be a wonderful family member. All he needs is a chance.

In Palmer.


Calista is a lovely young girl a year or two old. She has a fluffy coat in pretty tortoiseshell colors with tiger stripes on her head. She's a torbie!

Calista had a rough start in a colony of 80 cats. Many of them didn't survive the harsh conditions, but this sweet girl made it. And oh what a love she is. She is adorable and so cuddly. She loves to be loved, pet, snuggled. She likes to play too; it's a new thing to have a life with so much care that there is time and joy enough for playing. She does great with other cats, dogs, kids, rabbits, etc. She has a big heart and will accept any kind creature. She will need a safe place to go outside when spring comes, but never to be abandoned again.

In Wasilla.


Gorgeous adorable black and white boy, Thor is maybe a year old. He is sleek and neat in his classic tuxedo coat.

Thor is a total sweetheart. He was found outside as a stray, brought inside by a nice woman and he immediately was AOK, with the other cats and dogs and kids. He is so ready to have a home and family of his own, he will give you his heart for love. He is young and loves to snuggle. He would be a great companion for an older child, to hang out with, to cuddle, to share the fun times outside in the summer. He will need a safe yard where he can go out but will never be abandoned.

In Wasilla.


Jackson is a darling little guy about 9 weeks old. He is a muted tabby with a short tail so there may be some Manx in his genetic background.

Jackson loves to play, loves to snuggle with his people. He does great with the other cats in the house. When he is older, he will need a place to go outside with his family. He will also need a friendly feline in his new home.

In Kenai. Call 398-9128


Lotus is a very beautiful girl. She is as lithe as a dancer and has a lovely ebony coat that shimmers. She has a short tail so it's possible that she has Manx in her background.

She is a quiet girl. She prefers to sleep on the bed and enjoys the company of other cats. She is ok with dogs that leave her alone but will attack dogs that are too curious or in her space. She does love attention. She likes to play with toys and can be very rambunctious at times. She is spooked by loud noises so young kids and a rambunctious household is not for her. Lotus does have one eye that may periodically need cleaning due to a kitty cold when she was younger. She is about a year or two old. She will need a safe place to go outside when the weather is good and she is adjusted to her new home.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898



Beans is gorgeous. He has a lush long golden coat. He's a big boy about a year old and has the large frame and stature of a Maine Coon.

Beans loves sleeping on the bed with her person. He does very well being good at night and not causing trouble. But then morning comes and he wants to have fun! He is great going for walks with his person and playing chase around the yard. He's an excellent hunter. There's never a dull moment with this guy. He is obsessed with food and will be your best friend if you feed him. He's a young guy and is super charged with energy that he needs to use by playing outside, hunting, going for walks with his family. He does okay with the other cat in the house who knows how to discourage him from being too nuts. We don't know about dogs.  But he can be aggressive with other males outside that he meets. He is so exuberant he is probably too much for little kids. He's a great guy for a home with lots of space for him to roam and lots of activities to keep him busy till it's time to cozy up for a long restful night.

In Kenai.



Coobear is a big structured boy, not fat at all. But big footed, tall and big boned. He has a silky coat in black and white with handsome markings. He is a gorgeous guy with the body structure and temperament of a Maine Coon.

Coobear is a nice boy. He is so easy and mellow. He tends to fit into a cat family easily, willing to be friends with whoever will befriend him He loves to play and would enjoy a playful cat friend. He and his buddy will race around the house after each other, and wrestle and romp. He tries to be gentle but he can get excited and carried away. He loves to talk and will walk around cooing comment about things. He likes to accompany his people, up stairs, down stairs, sweeping, shoveling, inspecting all activities to make sure they meet his standards. He sleeps at the bottom of the bed and purrs for a touch. He will need a safe yard to go outside; he loves to go out. And will also need a family that will brush him to make sure he doesn't develop mats. He's a great cat that will do well in any happy family.

In Homer but he can travel for the right family


voodooVoodoo is a petite Torti girl about 1 year old. Her new home will need another cat and a laundry basket.

Voodoo is shy around humans and needs the security of another cat. Voodoo let's her foster parents pet her only once she sees the other cats are petted first. She is most relaxed in a laundry basket and even lets the humans rub her belly when she is in her basket. She does fine with dogs. Voodoo is spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.

In Wasilla 863-1444



Lyra1Lyra is a lovely sweet girl in a soft tabby coat with a delightful little white streak down her nose and little white boots.

If you're looking for a sweetheart cat, you couldn't do better than Lyra. She is gentle, loving, kind. She is fine with other cats, ready to be friends if they will like her. She loves to be pet and so much would love a gentle loving family to be her very own. She was found outside in the winter, emaciated and freezing, standing by the street as if she had given up hope. She has lost the tips of her ears to frostbite. But now, she is starting to believe again that there is love and kindness in her future. She is maybe a couple years old and a most delightful feline. She will need a safe yard in her new home where she can go outside to enjoy the summer weather but not be abandoned.

In Anchorage.



Sylvester is a handsome boy in classic black and white. He's a senior, about 11 years old. He came to us declawed.

Sylvester is a super sweet guy. Easy, loving. He really loves his people but he is uneasy around some men.  He does okay with other nice cats. He would be a great cuddlebear for a settled family with someone who could be his best friend. He does fine with other nice cats.

In Kenai.


Samba is a lovely tuxedo girl with the softest coat! She is short haired and neat, about 5 years old.

Samba is a darling girl who adores to be loved by her people. She is ready to bond with a beloved family and be their sweetie forever. She can probably do okay with another mellow cat or dog, but she would prefer to be the only cat in the house. She is gentle and well mannered, a fine kitty for an older kind child. She would like to go outside in a safe yard when the weather turns warm again.

In Wasilla.


Esmerelda is a pretty girl in a tabby coat with calico colors. She is 2 years old.

Esmerelda is a very nice, well behaved girl. She has excellent house manners and is willing to go outside to go potty if her family will provide her access to the outdoors. She loves to hunt and even in winter she goes out each day to check out the situation. She is friendly and sweet with her human family, does okay with mellow dogs and has lived with other cats in the past. Esmerelda is adorable!

In Anchorage.


Aspen is an adorable young guy in black and white with the cutest harlequin face. He is about a year old.

Aspen is a hunter and a lover. He is GREAT with his people. And he absolutely does love to go outside and check out the territory. He learned hunting skills as a kitten from his mom, and now that he's grown he is ready to go out and be a hunting cat. He also enjoys his time inside snuggling up with his family. And he likes to play (honing his hunting technique). He has lived with other cats who he did well with, but he is a young guy with a lot of energy and might be too much for an older reserved cat who doesn't appreciate teenage boy play. He may be okay with a very mellow dog. Aspen has lots of curiosity and energy and needs a home with plenty of space to explore and be a cat.  That, and human family with love to share will make his life purrfect.

In Anchorage.



Kimba is a beautiful blue eyed Birman girl. She is a seal point with a chocolate face, amazing azure eyes and little white booties typical to the breed. She had been declawed.

Kimba is a sweet loving girl, affectionate with her people. She likes to be pet and she enjoys exploring her house and yard. She will need a safe place to go outside where strange dogs cannot go. She does fine with some other cats but she does not like to be intimidated as she was in her last home. She can tolerate a mellow dog. Kimba is maybe 3 years old and ready for that one special forever home with love.

In Kenai.


misty-goodMisty is a gorgeous young girl about a year old. She is gray and white, with a lush coat and the look of a small Norwegian Forest cat.

Misty is such a sweetie. She does great with dogs and other nice cats. Would be lovely in a home with a gentle older child. This wonderful girl knows how to hunt and after a long nap inside on your lap of the sofa, she would like a safe yard to go out in to do a little scouting around.

In Kenai.


Poppy is a lovely tabby girl, with a soft coat and a slim build. She is maybe a year or two years old.

Poppy is a friendly and loving girl. She loves to play, night or day, and loves to have someone play with her. She likes to be pet and cuddled up next to her person for naps or just lounging around. She will need a safe place to go outside where she can hunt; she has skills! She would probably do okay with another mellow cat or a laid back dog. She's a sweetheart waiting for a loving home.

In Kenai.


Oreo is an adorable little guy about 11 weeks old. He is a black and super cute boy.

Oreo is as fun and lovable as kittens can be. Full of energy and curiosity, he will keep you busy laughing and playing string. He is still a baby and must be adopted to a home with another friendly cat or kitten. He will need a safe yard to play in with his family when spring comes.

In Wasilla.


Maxine is a pretty girl about 3 years old. She is short haired with poofy tail, orange and white with lovely markings. She is very small and delicate with feet a little big for her tiny body.

Maxine is a sweetheart. After being taken to the shelter as a hungry stray, she is so happy and grateful to be loved and cared for. She purrs to be pet and likes to be near her people. She is okay with other cats who are not mean to her. She enjoys exploring the house and would love a safe yard where she can go outside but not be abandoned. Maxine is a wonderful girl who will be the joy of some family's life.

In Wasilla.




topaz kitten FTopaz is a lovely blue-eyed lynx point girl with a few extra toes for good measure! She's going to need those to be able to explore the great outdoors. She will be ready for adoption 1/27 when she is 9 weeks old.

She was found alone outside in the cold and has blossomed into the most spirited and cool kitty. There is nothing she loves more than playing. She needs to go to a home with another assertive young cat. Because she was born outside and experienced some "interesting" adventures, she still spooks a bit easily. But that's nothing that a calm, loving, yet attentive environment can't handle! She prefers to come to you rather than be picked up. And after all of that playing and outdoor adventuring, she's loves to cuddle and sleep with her humans. What a purrfect kitty companion!

In Eagle River.


SukiSuki is an adorable tuxedo girl with a neat short haired coat. She has a cute little white marking on her nose, white whiskers, and beautiful golden eyes.

Suki loves people. She is ready to cuddle up in the arms of a beloved human and be their special girl forever. She came from a bad situation and never had a chance to get to know other friendly cats so she prefers to be the only cat in the house. But with her people, she is lovable and affectionate. She does love to check out the world outside when it's warm and welcoming so a safe yard will be needed for her in her new home. She is maybe 2 years old.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


Cubby is a handsome young man, about 8 months old. He has a sleek black coat, all shiny and silky.

He is very social and needs a home with other cats. He does like attention and affection from his people but he is not demanding. He is slightly shy with new people. Does great with dogs. He knows how to hunt and would be a great guardian of the garden once he has bonded with his family in his new home.

In Wasilla. Call 907-863-1444


Leonard is a handsome Maine Coonish boy with a big fluffy coat and a wonderful personality. He's a senior cat and proud of it because he has learned a lot about how to be a good boy in a home.

Leonard is a sweet, loving guy. He is so easy going, just wants to be loved by a happy family so his great personality will fit right in. He does great with nice dogs and cats and he would be fine with kids who are not too crazy and rough. He has been through a lot in his life, much of it unknown to rescue, but we do know that he lived in a no-kill shelter for years, and then later ended up cold and starving outside in winter by an adopter. He is still catching up on food and the comforts of a warm home. This boy will share your bed, give you lots of love, and return every act of kindness with purrs and gratefulness. He would like a nice yard to go outside in during the summer, but please no more abandonment.

In Wasilla.


HagridHagrid is a super handsome boy with an orange and white coat that is lush and soft. He has the cutest little smudges of orange on his face.

Hagrid is a sweetie who loves to be loved. He is friendly and likes to be pet by his people, not so much picked up like a baby, but treated like a friend and companion. He gets along fine with other mellow cats; we don't know about dogs. He will need a safe place where he can go outside when the weather gets nice again. We think he is a young adult maybe 3 or 4 years old.

In Wasilla.