In Trial Placement

These kitties are in trial placement pending final adoption.



Sweetie is a very friendly spayed female, loves to play with toy mice, and will even bring them to her owner to be thrown and play fetch.  She is young, probably less than 9 months. She was taken in as a stray so not much is known about her, but she does seem to be friendly toward other cats. Dogs are unknown, kids would probably be OK. She is small in size. In Kenai, 907 398 9128


Victoria is a lovely girl with an amazing tortoiseshell coat. It's short and neat and full of color, the prefect camouflage in an autumn forest. She is about 3 years old.

Victoria is a sweet girl who likes to hang out with her people. She enjoys being pet and being part of the family. She does okay with other mellow cats and dogs. She definitely enjoys her outside time so she will need a safe yard where she can go outside and share fun outdoor activities with her family.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


Hi, I am KC. I am a 14yo old cat who is in search of my forever home. I have been declawed on all 4 feet.

My owner's current situation has changed and he can't provide for me right now. I was recently at the vet and everything is ok with my health. I don't get along with other pets and don't like my tail pulled, so young children may be out as well. But a kind settled family would be great, where I can share snuggles and long quiet evenings on the couch together and give love and purrs.



Tortoro is a cutie pie little girl, all fluffy, gray and white.

Totoro is very people oriented. She loves everyone.  She's very lovey . About 5 months old. She would be a wonderful little girl in a happy home with another fun kitty and a safe yard for fun times with her family when the weather is nice.

In Anchorage. Call 960-0096


Sunny MacOrange is a warm sunrise color that reflects his amazing personality. He is short haired and muscular with cute chubby boy-cat cheeks.

Sunny is the most actively affectionate cat I have ever met. He loves loving. And he doesn't hide that from his beloved person. He loves to give kisses and face smooshes and heat butts. He does the sweetest little love nips, just a tiny click of his teeth like he is picking off a flea. He will roll over on his back in your arms and give you that look like you are the one and only in the world. He is a super wonderful cat. He does everything with energy and enthusiasm, even the way he goes to his food bowl. He trots.

Sunny came to us as a wild cat who hissed and spit from his cage when he was approached. But once out of the cage, and given a little time and attention, he revealed that he was not wild at all, had never been wild. He was just scared from his time outside lost or abandoned, on his own in the scary world trying to stay alive. Suddenly he was rolling in his foster's arms, letting her trim mats and cut nails.

Sunny needs a human who has a quiet settled home, and the patience to give him time to trust, AND who has lots and lots of love to shower on this wonderful cat as he returns every bit of affection many times over. He needs his own space, preferably his person's sunny bedroom where he can share lots of huggable time together (he loves to nestle up against you to sleep). He may want to go outside again someday in a very safe yard. Or he may be happy just having his own home and special person and the assurance of safety and love forever.

He's in Homer. Call 980-8898


Thomas and Timothy are adorable 4 month old kittens. Thomas is a cute little gray boy., short haired and super soft. Timothy is a lynx point Siamese with blue eyes.

They are very active and playful and so full of energy. Thomas is more bold and adventurous, while Timothy is more shy. They both have big, huge purrs. They would love a kind gentle family with a safe yard where they can play outside with their family when the weather is nice. They are bonded and need to be adopted together.

In Anchorage.

They can be adopted as a pair for $225.



Munchkin is an adorable young boy about 11 months old. He has a gorgeous soft coat with tabby markings.

Munchkin was found outside trying to make it on his own. He was a little shy when he was brought inside but so happy to be cared for. He is just fine with the companionship of other nice cats and mellow dogs, and he does love kind gentle people. This sweet guy is ready to bloom with love and affection for a good family who will take him into their hearts. He will need a safe yard where he can go out and enjoy the natural world, but never be abandoned again.

In Kenai. Call 398-9128


Felicity is a darling girl about 5 years old, the purrfect age for a family.  She has cashmere soft medium length hair and pretty camouflage pattern of warm colors.

Felicity is friendly and lovable with her people. She enjoys being pet and cuddled and would love to have her own person to curl up with at night. She does just fine with other cats and mellow dogs. She would be a nice girl for a family with older children and a yard where she can go outside sometimes. She's a wonderful kitty ready for a loving family.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


LB is a great hunter and will make sure to keep those pesky mice away. He is a small guy with a big heart. He may be a little shy at first with a new family but that won't last long. He is good with cats and dogs and must be able to go outside.

Vaccinated, micro chipped, and neutered. Call 350-8089.


Skippy is a lovely little blue eyed girl. About 5 months old.

Skippy is very quiet and shy, but warms up. Very chill. She would be happy in a quiet home but she also does well in a home with nice kids. She loves having a nice kitty companion and people who will give lots of cuddles. She will need a cat friend and a safe yard in her new home.

In Anchorage. Call 960-0096


We have lots of kittens ready for adoption and more coming soon! Below are some of our adoptable kittens. They are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Adoption fee is $125. They must be adopted to a home with another friendly cat or kitten, unless you're adopting two at the same time. They are all in the 12-15 week old range.

Foxy--cute as a button little orange baby girl

In Kenai. Call 398-9128








Tiny--little fluffy orange girl who loves cuddles once she knows you

In Kenai. Call 398-9128









Dusty is a beautiful dilute calico about 2 years old. She is very affectionate with her people and enjoys being held and carried around. She would be good with kids too. She does well with cats and dogs, but she keeps to herself so would be fine as either the only cat or maybe one other cat who is not dominating.

In Palmer. 907-350-8089.


Angus is a gorgeous blue eyes flame point Siamese. He is sleek and handsome with creamy soft fur. Probably a year or two old.

Angus is a gentle soul who loves humans - even large groups of teenagers. He wants to be the center of attention when there are guests and charm his way into as many back rubs as possible. Young children stress him out though. Angus is the most quiet and content cat I’ve ever met - unless his space is invaded by another 4 legged creature. Then he goes into full fight or flight mode. He will sometimes play a bit with a toy mouse, but snuggling into a soft blanket is the preferred way to pass the time. He’s quick to climb into an available lap and start his purring machine. He’ll gladly warm a spot on your bed and snuggle close until morning. He’s a bit curious about the outdoors, but happy to step back inside after a small dose of fresh air. With his irresistibly soft silky coat, dashing blue eyes, and easy-going personality, he’s sure to be a great companion warming your heart and home.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Petunia is a lovely girl. She has green eyes and stripes and bangles accented with white.

Petunia Pig is a sweet cuddle bug looking for her forever home. That is, she loves to cuddle if you are in the kitchen or holding food or if you might be thinking about food. This cat can put a dog's begging skills to shame. However she does love to be petted and scratched and likes being around people in general. Pig (as we call her for short) also likes other nice animals. She would do best with a companion cat. She is very playful and loves small toys. She will need a safe place to go outside when the weather is nice, a good exercising area to help her trim her waistline.

In Wasilla.


Bambi is a beautiful flame point Siamese with lovely blue eyes. She has big front feet and she is polidactyl.

She is very loving and a sweetheart of a girl. She is around 2 years old and must have a kitty friend in her new home and a safe place to go outside. She is vaccinated, spayed, and micro chipped.

In Wasilla. Please call 350-8089.


Oliver is a cutie pie about a year old. He is short haired, sleek, all tabby with white throat and paws.

Oliver is full of fun! He is a revved up boy with lots of energy and joy. He loves to play with his cat friends and with people too, though he does sometimes get carried away and forgets with people to keep his teeth and claws out of the game. He is not mean at all, just full of himself and so in need of activities to use up all that teenage boy spit and vinegar. Oliver will definitely need a feline friend who will enjoy his shenanigans and a family ready for tons of fun. He will also need a safe place outside where he can go and do the natural cat thing--race through the yard, climb trees, hunt small game. He's a wonder! and absolutely wonderful.

In Wasilla. Call 315-9510


Tux is a handsome young fellow with funny-faced markings. He's a teenager maybe as much as a year old. He is short haired, neat and well groomed.

Tux is a lovebug who also loves to play. He has a great time romping around with his foster mom's dogs.  He would also do well with a nice fun cat. Tux loves his people and is ready to give himself to a new happy family who will love him forever. He will need a safe yard where he can go outside to have fun with his friends.

In Eagle River.


Oreo is a dream come true cat. He is gorgeous, a Turkish Van boy all ivory and soft with dabs of color and a magnificent striped tail. He is maybe 5 years old.

Oreo is the sweetest, kindest, gentlest cat you could imagine. All he wants is give and receive love. He loves to cuddle, to snuggle, to be pet, to purr, to sit with you and just be happy. He is patient and kind with other cats and has lived just fine with dogs. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He would be an excellent cat for a happy family with a yard where he can go outside sometimes. He is not a wanderer; he just likes to joy and peace of hanging out in the natural world.

In Anchorage.


Tink and Aurora are a bonded pair of girls about 5 years old. They are both beautiful, with a lush Maine Coonish coat in rich warm colors. They are torbies!

Tink and Aurora are sweet gentle girls. They love to cuddle and hang out with their family, but in totally different ways. Aurora is a little shy and will hang out in her napping hidey hole all day; then come out to play all night. She likes cuddles but doesn't want to be forced into cuddling.  Tink, on the other hand, is a total Loveball whenever her people are around.  She will  smother you with love and, if you let her, she will drink out of your cup.  Long summer evenings in the yard or snuggled up for a midday nap, they are happy companions for their people........and for each other. They are great together; their people would not have to worry about them being lonely when the humans are away.  They do well with children who are gentle with them. And they are fine with respectful dogs and other cats. These girls will give so much joy and love to a happy family for many years to come. They are about 5 years old.

In Wasilla.

Tink and Aurora can be adopted as a pair for $100.


Squirrel is a gorgeous blue-eyed Himalayan boy about 12 year old. He came to us declawed.

He is really friendly with people, he loves being the center of attention when guests are over so he is quite social. He is a great people cat but is somewhat wary of other animals. He's met some that he gets along with (mellow dogs and female cats) but he seems to have a hard time getting along with other male cats. He isn't really and outdoor cat at all. He's a really good companion and is very sweet, loves to follow his person around the house and help with chores.

In Anchorage.


Sherbet is a handsome little guy....cute! He is orange and white, short haired and about 5 months old.

Sherbet is a friendly, affectionate and playful boy. He is great with other nice kitties and needs a home with one (or more) who are nice to him. He would love a kitty playmate or a nice kid playmate. He is full of kitten antics and ready to make your days brighter and more fun. He will need a safe place to go outside with his family when he has adjusted to his new home.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Leo is gorgeous. He has distinct spots that give him the exotic look of a Bengal or Ocicat. He is about 6 years old and a little bit chubby (all the better for cuddling).

Leo is a big, lovable lap cat. He would be happy to warm your lap and heart for the whole long winter. He likes other cats and friendly dogs and would be a great companion for another welcoming critter. He would also love a safe outdoor area.

If you think Leo could be your guy call 631-1901 in Wasilla.


Bella is a most beautiful girl, probably a ragdoll mix, with dreamy blue eyes and an absolutely amazing personality. She is probably a couple years old.

Bella is a mellow, loving, no-fuss girl who is ready for a family. She is gentle and sweet and easy to live with and love. She is ready to purr at a touch and adapts well to kind people and a loving home. She does okay with other cats and would probably be great with a mellow dog. She doesn't seem to be easily upset or disturbed and would be a great family cat. She will need a safe place to go outside and check out nature.

In Anchorage.


Lucy is a beautiful sun colored girl with a fluffy coat. She's young, maybe a year or two old and ready have a forever home.

Lucy has a great personality. She is easy to love. She is happy and contented when she's in a family that loves her and cares for her. After being abandoned outside, she so appreciates being given affection and a home. She enjoys being pet and hanging out inside on the armchair while you read or watch a movie. She also enjoys outside time where she can take in the beauty and peace of the natural world. She will need a safe place to go outside, and a family who will promise her a forever happy life.

In Kenai. Call 398-9128


Lily is a beautiful girl about 1 1/2 years old. She has feather soft fur in lovely ivory.

Lily is okay with nice cats and nice dogs. She would also be okay as an only cat. She does love her people and she loves catching mice! She will need a home with a safe outdoor area.

In Wasilla. 631-1901


Parker is a gorgeous lynx point Siamese boy about 2 years old. He has the classic slightly cross-eyed characteristic of the breed.

Parker is an amazingly mellow boy. He is the most laid back cat his foster has ever met. And yet, sometimes he likes to play. He craves love and affection. He was abandoned outside for a while and he is trying to make up for lost time with super cuddles. He would do great in a settled home with another nice cat or two, and maybe a gentle child who will cuddle and play with him. He may also be fine as an only cat. A safe yard is needed so that he can go outside but he doesn't have to feel like he will be left on his own again.

In Anchorage.



Luna is a gorgeous calico girl with a flag tail such pretty colors. She is maybe a year old.

We are surprised that wonderful Luna still hasn't been adopted but we are confident her forever family is out there. She loves people and when held she will purr and lay her head on your shoulder. She spends a lot of time outside so she MUST have a safe yard to go play and explore. She is good with dogs and cats and will need a kitty friend in her new home. She should be just fine with nice kids too. In Palmer.


In Palmer. Call 350-8089



Zipper is an adorable little guy about 4 months old. He's all fluffy and golden and super sweet.

Zipper is the classic cute and cuddly kitten. He loves to have his people's attention, for loveys and for fun. He loves to play, and race around the house playing with his kitty friends. He will need a welcoming feline in his new home. He does fine with cats and nice dogs and he would be happy to have a fun, gentle child to be his special buddy. He will need a safe yard to go out in when the weather is nice.

In Palmer. Call 350-8089


Zeta and Bagherra are a bonded brother and sister about 9 months old. They love each other and must be adopted together.

These two kitties love other cats and adore friendly dogs. They also love to lie on laps and cuddle in the bed. They are young and playful and full of the joy of kitten-ness.

They are in Wasilla. Call 631-1901


Fig is a beautiful young kitty, probably not a year old yet. She has a sleek shimmery coat in classic black. She is lean and agile.

Fig is a sweet frisky young girl who  loves other nice cats and she is great with people she knows and trusts. She loves loves LOVES to play and will race around the house after a toy mouse with the greatest of enthusiasm. She likes to knock all the toys under the sofa and then appeal to her people with that cute little look and meow, 'please get them out.' And then race off full speed up the stairs. Fig is a wonderful cat who will take some time to adjust to a new human. But once she knows you, she will be a devoted bonded family member who will give you her heart. She will definitely need a friendly cat companion in her new home, and a yard where she can safely go outside.

She is in Kenai. Call 398-9128


Whisper is a beautiful blue eyed ivory girl, a sleek Siamese. She is a year or two old.

Whisper is a special girl who needs a special family. She does well with most other cats, though she also enjoys her private time and space at times as well. She was born  in a feral colony that was dying of starvation and distemper, always struggling to get enough food, trying to stay warm in winter. She had little chance to know people in any kind way until she was trapped and went into foster care. She now believes that there is hope of a good life and she so wants that. But she is not sure how to create a bond with people. She does try and she enjoys being pet at times. She has learned to trust her foster mom and likes hanging out in the house with her and her kitty friends. She will be a wonderful beloved girl for a person or family that will give her time and the love needed to allow her to trust and to believe that she is loved. She will be the devoted 'spirit cat' for some lucky person.

In Wasilla.



Parka is a cute fluffball in sunshiney gold. He's about 4 months old.

Parka is a darling little boy who is ready to begin the happy adventure of a new life. He loves other cats, to play with them and snuggle with them, so he will need a friend feline in his new home. He is full of kitten silliness and so much fun to be with. He is thrilled to be loved and played with by his humans and will need a safe place to go outside with them when the weather allows. He does fine with nice dogs too.

In Palmer. Call 350-8089


Tuggs is an approximately two year old handsome orange tiger boy looking for a family to love him forever.

He was abandoned by his previous family and left outside to fend for himself. He is good with other cats and dogs but he does not play with them. This calm guy prefers to cuddle with people. He will need a safe yard and lots of loving in his new home.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


Eclipse is a darling slim girl about a year old. She is short haired and has a neat tabby coat.

Pretty petite Eclipse is ready to start a new adventure with a new special person or family to call her own. This girl is a lap cat and wants to spend most of her time with people. She is good with the small dog in her foster home. She will need another kitty for companionship and a place to go outside. Vaccinated, spayed, and micro chipped.

In Wasilla. Call 350-8089


Chip and Lollipop have been adopted. Cookie is still available!!

Lollipop, Cookie and Chip are sisters and brother. They are sleek black kitties with white accents about 5 months old.

These cuties are wonderful. They are sociable, sweet, loving and fun. They love to play and will entertain you, and other kitties, all day long in between naps. They enjoy their people and their kitty friends. They will need another cat in their new home unless you adopt two of them. They will need a safe outside place to go to play and race around and be happy cats.

They're in Kenai. Call 398-9128


Prince Rupert is a snuggly fluff ball. He is one of the family of special needs boys who has deformed legs.

He follows his brothers around, but doesn't like to get into trouble like they do. He sits back and would rather observe. He loves to run and rough-house, but mostly enjoys laying in the sun. He will need a safe, protected yard in his new home where he can go out with his family in the summertime.

In Anchorage


Merlin is a sweet heart of a guy. He has an amazing coat with swirls and tiger stripes.

Merlin is loving and affectionate and gets bursts of energy that takes him bounding through the house and out in the catio. He is great with dogs and cats and will need a cat friend in his new home. Around 3 years old he will be a great family member. He likes to go outside on nice days.

In Palmer. Micro chipped, vaccinated, and neutered. Please call 350-8089.


Timmy is one of our special needs kittens. He was born with a deformity of the front legs. He has a short haired orange tiger coat and a lot of fun ready to share with his new family.

Timmy is fast and fierce. He will stalk and pounce his brothers and win almost every time. He uses his deformity as an advantage by scooping up his prey (toys) and trapping them between his legs. Though, no matter what he is doing at the moment, if you pick him up he will go limp and start purring. He loves his snuggles and will follow you around the house until you love on him. Timmy is full of energy and will need a safe yard where he can go outside with his family to play and be a normal cat.

In Anchorage.



Simba is a big love weighing in at about 18 pounds. He is about 4 years old. He loves to be brushed which is great with his long Maine Coonish thick coat.

Simba is very gentle so would do good with nice kids. Great with dogs and cats, he will need a cat friend in his new home along with a safe yard to enjoy the sun.

In Palmer. Vaccinated, micro chipped, and neutered. Please call 350-8089.


Alpo is the big brother of the bunch of kittens who came to us with twisted legs. He is the only who has normal legs. He is a short haired orange boy with stripes on his legs and tail.

Alpo keeps everyone in line and makes sure everyone is cared for. He will fight and play for his turn at a feather toy, but will sit back and wait patiently when his runt brother wants a turn. He isn't much on snuggles, but loves to be loved on when you pick him up. He is very friendly and will greet guests at the door. If given a safe environment, I'm sure he would love a chance to venture outside for a few hours a day to run and play.

In Anchorage.


Saffron is a gorgeous little girl about a year old. She has the look of a miniature panther, sleek and elegant.

Saffron is a little darling. She loves the attention of her people and has won the hearts of everyone in her foster home. She purrs and cuddles and rolls around for more rubs. She can be playful with friends are not too crazy. She would be a great companion for a nice older child who is gentle and loving with her. When she was in a home with 20 other animals and lots of kids, it was too much for her. But it seems that she would do just fine with another mellow cat in a settled home. This young vibrant kitty needs a forever family with a yard and lots of love to give.

In Wasilla.


Duke is a cute little guy about 5 months old, handsome tabby coat that is a little bit fluffy. He is a sweetheart with a Maine Coonish look.

Duke is a darling little guy who is just about purrfect! He loves to play and dash around. Another kitty friend in his home would be great. He does very well with other cats and dogs. He can be friends with them or he can ignore them, whichever they prefer. He is full of energy and fun and lots of cuddles. He will need a safe place outside to race around and have fun.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444



Precious is a beautiful girl with symmetrical tabby markings. She is short haired and always looks well groomed.

Precious is exactly that--precious. It would be hard to be with her very long before you fell in love. She is sweet and affectionate and so ready to be the love of some happy person's life. She is easy. She does fine with other nice cats and she would probably do well with a mellow dog. A great cat for kind children and a happy family. She is probably about 5 years old. She does love to go outside but she stays close to home, so she will need a safe outside place to enjoy pretty days.

In Anchorage.


Peaches is a gorgeous short haired tortoiseshell girl. She's about 2 years old.

Peaches is not only a very nice house cat, but an excellent huntress. She loves to go outside and protect her territory/yard from rodent invasion. She is social and does well with other cats and mellow dogs. She's a great cat for a family that wants a friendly girl that can also be independent and not demanding. She will definitely need a safe outside place to go when the weather is nice.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


Lieutenant Dan is one of our special needs kittens. He is ivory with pretty blue eyes. He has the worst of the deformities and is the runt of his litter. But that doesn't stop him from chasing his brothers or climbing onto high beds.
Lt Dan will  army crawl on his elbows to get around and will sometimes hop on his hind legs while in chase. He loves to hide inside things. If he fits he sits! He is also the absolute best snuggler of the bunch. He will need a family who will give him a chance to enjoy the wonderful world of outside by taking him into the yard with them when they go out to enjoy the summer.
In Anchorage.


Gray Bear is a handsome neat Russian Blue guy. He's a big boy and always well groomed.

Don't let that serious face fool you. He is an affectionate young man at just about 3 years old. He likes attention but isn't demanding and is content to just be part of the family. He is scared of young children so would do best in a home without kids. He might do okay with teenagers. He will need to have a kitty friend in his new home and a safe place to go outside on nice days.

In Palmer. Call 350-8089




Friskies is a beautiful sleek girl. She has a short haired coat that is neat and shiny. She's a very petite girl about a year old.

Friskies is sweet and gentle. In a former home she was picked on by the cats, but in foster she is fine with the cats who are nice to her. She likes to play with fun cat friends. She does okay with mellow dogs. She would make a great friend and companion for a kind child. She enjoys going outside and checking out the summer activities like chasing butterflies and racing up trees. A wonderful little girl who will make some family very happy.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


Jambo is a handsome young fellow in orange and white. He is short haired, muscular and long. He is about 10 months old and will be a BIG boy when he's finished growing.

Jambo is an easy going, fun kitty who will fit into any loving family. He melds into a house full of cats with no problem at all. He races around and plays with others all in fun. He likes to romp and wrestle with those want to wrestle but is pretty careful to not annoy those who would rather not. He loves to cuddle up next to you and he will sit in lap for long hours on a quiet evening. He does well with polite children and enjoys being pet by them. He loves to go outside and explore and hunt and will need a safe area where he can enjoy his hunting activities, as well as a cat friend.

He's in Homer but could travel for the right home.


Bagheera is a sleek beautiful ebony boy. He has a short haired coat that always looks neat and well groomed. He is a couple years old.

Bagheera is a sweetheart. He likes people and will hang out with his family for cuddles or just quiet companionship. He has done great with gentle dogs before, laying up against them on the bed and perfectly happy to be in their company. But he was chased by a dog in his last home so he is uneasy now around canines and should only go to a home with a dog that is gentle and respectful of him. He does not seem to do well with cats. He has been through so much, just dumped outside when a former 'owner' moved and left to fend for himself. He needs a dependable loving family who will care for him and make sure that he is not intimidated by other critters. He is not a fraidy cat, but his past experiences have left him with a lot of cautions.  He is an excellent hunter. This beautiful boy will be a great family member for a great family.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


Tim is a sleek haired boy with an ebony coat. He is about 5 years old. He came to us declawed.

Tim is a lover. At first it was hard to tell. He was in so much pain. Tim had a bad declaw at some point in his life and it has caused him to suffer so much that he didn't want to walk around and he felt fearful and depressed. He was taken to the pound because his human thought he just needed a different kind of home where he would be happy; there was no consideration that he was in pain. We rescued him and once in foster, given supplements to help with inflammation and some pain meds to give him some relief, he started to show what a loving sweet boy he really is. He is okay with other cats and mellow dogs, but he doesn't need to be intimidated by others. He is SO affectionate with his people, just a wonderful boy. He does great with older kids, loves to be loved and give love back with lots of purrs. He loves to go outside and will need a safe place to enjoy the wonders and joyful diversion of the natural world.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444