In Trial Placement

These kitties are in trial placement pending final adoption.



Tux is black and white female. She has the silkiest coat. She will entertain u with her acrobatic leaps. Loves anything with feathers. Prefers cuddling at your side to lap time. Litter box trained, gets along with dogs and kids


Fozzie is a young adult a couple years old. He is a fluffy ivory boy with gray markings on his head and tail. He appears to be a Turkish Van mix.

Fozzie is full of life and energy. He is lovable and cuddly with his people. With other critters, he has a streak of teenager in him. He loves to wait around corners for others to pass by and jump out for the sheer excitement of shocking them. He would likely be fine with a mellow cat who is okay with his shenanigans but might be too annoying for someone more sensitive. He would be a great companion for an older child, to go out in the yard to play, or to hang out in their room while they play games. He's a wonderful rascal ready for a fun and loving family.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


Nichole is a beautiful tabby and white girl, silky and very neat. She is about a year old.

Nichole is super sweet with her people. She will follow you around trilling and meowing just to say hello. She is always ready to sit in a lap and purr. She loves to be pet. Found outside on her own, she is so grateful and happy to have a home to live in and would be thrilled to have a forever family who will always care for her and give her love. A safe yard where she can go with her family in nice weather is important for her to enjoy the joy of summer.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Cornbread and Chili are a pair of siblings almost 4 months old. Cornbread is a tiger striped tabby girl and Chili is golden orange.

This little sister and brother are adorable! And full of fun! They will race around the house like crazy kitties and entertain you endlessly. They love each other and spend most of their time either dashing around or snuggling up in cute little purring furballs. They love their people and are ready to settle into a new family. Fine with other cats; a mellow non-threatening dog would probably be fine too.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


LB is a petite gentleman who is affectionate and loving with his people. He is 3-4 years old and loves to go outside so he must have access to a safe outdoor area. He must have a quiet settled home with no kids. He loves dogs and is okay with a mellow cat but would also be fine as an only kitty. Too many cats stress him out to much. He is vaccinated, neutered, and micro chipped.

In Palmer. 907-350-8089. Please no calls or texts after 8pm.


Leo, orange and white male. The largest of his litter, Leo is a playful, curious explorer who also likes lap time. He doesn't like his head petted but belly rubs and ear scratching are fine with him. 100 percent litter box trained and gets along with dogs and kids.


Callie is a beautiful long haired calico girl with a darling face. She came to us declawed on all four feet. She is about 8 years old.

Callie is the sweetest thing. She loves to be pet and she is very playful with her people. She will purr her little heart out to be loved and cared for. She doesn't do well in a busy home. But she doesn't want to retire to doing nothing. She enjoys a little fun with her family, some enjoyable activities and a whole lot of snuggling up. Callie was in a shelter with lots of other cats for a while and she was intimidated by many, so she will need a home as the only or with another very mellow and welcoming cat who will not be aggressive with her. And probably best without a dog unless it is a dog that tends to imitate a rug. This wonderful cat so needs a family of her very own to love.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


Felicity is a darling girl about 3 years old, the purrfect age for a family.  She has cashmere soft medium length hair and pretty camouflage pattern of warm colors.

Felicity is friendly and lovable with her people. She enjoys being pet and cuddled and would love to have her own person to curl up with at night. She does just fine with other cats and mellow dogs. She would be a nice girl for a family with older children and a yard where she can go outside sometimes. She's a wonderful kitty ready for a loving family.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


Noddy is a lovely short haired girl in black and white. She is silky soft. Her ears show the difficulties she has been through as a stray; one has the tip frosted off; the other is nicked. She is about 5 years old.

Noddy is a very sweet, personable girl. She is immediately friendly, almost an insta-cat. She so much wants love and care that she will give you attention and affection in a minute. She is comfortable in the midst of family chaos. When the house is full of people and all the other cats have taken refuge under the bed, she will still be there, ready to be petted.  She was raised with a little girl and does well with nice children. She will need a safe place to go outside--she is an excellent huntress--but will always need access to her warm home with her loving family!

In Homer but can travel for a happy forever home. Call 980-8898


Spidey is a cute little girl about 6 or 7 months old. She is the perfect little tuxedo, super cute with her white toes and scarg and shiny short coat.

Spidey is affectionate and sweet. LOVES other kitties and will need a feline friend in her new home. She is shy of strangers but she is fine with her trusted family who loves her. Once she knows that are a kind human, she will let you steal her heart. She so much wants a person to bond with and be their special little girl. She will need a safe yard for summer play outside.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Sister is a lovely  tuxedo girl. She has a purrfect little mask and chest and white slippers. She is silky and soft.

Sister is a sweet gentle unassuming girl. She is mellow and so easy to fit into a happy home. She is okay with another nice cat or dog. She enjoys her time outside doing her own thing, and she also enjoys hanging out with her humans inside, snuggling up or just sharing the family life. She would love a settled home with a loving family. She is about 3 or 4 years old.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


This is Cleo. Female calico about 3 months old. She is sweet and gentle. Will place her paw gently on your cheek to ask for a cuddle, loves treats and lap time. 100 percent litter box trained. Gets along with other cats, kids and dogs


Lexi is a small female kitty, exact age unknown but we think about 7-9 months.  She is sleek and pretty and neat as a pin.

She was on her own until she wandered up to a nice lady's house in the Kasilof area.  She was happy to come inside, and since her owner did not come forward, she is now spayed, microchipped, current on shots and ready for her new home! She is fine with kids, and does fine with the foster's cats after an adjustment period. She has learned to come to her name when called!  Judging from her love of toy mice, she might be a great mouser!

She is in foster in Kasilof (near Kenai/Soldotna) 907 398 9128


Kira is a lovely green-eyed girl in ebony. Sleek and elegant, she is short haired and always looks neat.

Kira is a sweet, smart girl who loves her people but is also independent. She would be happy to go off and do her cat business for a while, and then come in and hang out with her humans. She is good with other cats too as long as they don't try to dominate her. She is loving but not demanding. She would enjoy a yard where she can go outside and nap in the flowers. She is probably about 5 or 6 years old.

In Wasilla.


Diesel is a gorgeous black Maine Coonish guy. He has gravitas! And a great personality.

Diesel is a terrific cat. He is a guy with energy and curiosity and a lot of fun waiting for a family with time to spend with him. He would love to go out with his humans and race around, play, explore. He is interested in everything. A young male 3 or 4 years old, he is full of himself. He gets along great with other cats and dogs and really just about everyone. He is best suited to a home where he has activities and people who want to give him attention. And where he can go hunting without getting into somebody else's business. He is very interactive and would love a family with nice kids or any humans who will share their life with him.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


My name is Dee-Oh-Gee (DOG), yeah funny, right? I'm a handsome 1 1/2 year old boy and usually I sport a pretty nice long haired coat. But my last owner shaved me like a lion, real funny, and now I'm a little chilly.

I get along with dogs (go figure) but I picked on the other cat at my last home and I am not fond of the cats at my foster house either. I would be best as your only cat because no human needs more than just me!

I am dewormed, neutered, microchipped, and current on my shots. Waiting for you to meet me in Wasilla. 907-863-1444.


Mera is a short haired tiger girl, sleek and well groomed. She is just over a year old.

Mera is a beautiful and independent little lady. She can be shy of new people, but once she trusts you she loves to cuddle and be pet. Her favorite game is throwing around a toy from paw to paw. Her most amusing quality is that she likes water, and would willingly jump into a full bathtub. She loves to take naps, and likes to be around her adult family members, but does not do well with children or other pets. She would be the perfect companion for someone who is looking for a friend to watch tv with. She will need a safe yard to go outside when summer comes.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898



Spud is a 5 year old golden tabby boy. He is long and lean and is waiting for a home.

Spud gets along with other cats and dogs but he really enjoys the company of humans the most. He will need a safe outside place to go with his family. He enjoys the yard and the sense of freedom of being outside but he has no intention of running away. A loving forever family is what he wants most in the world.

Available in Wasilla. Please call 907-863-1444


Juniper is a doll! She has a short haired, blue gray coat, very much like that of a Russian Blue so she may be a mix. She is a senior girl , very petite, about 15 years old.

Don't let Juniper's age fool you. She is amazing! She is energetic and affectionate. She is extremely intelligent and well behaved. Very friendly to people who are kind to her. She does great with other cats and would fit into any loving family without problems. Juniper is not ready to retire; she likes hanging out on the couch with her people, but she would also enjoy some strolls through the yard in summertime, watching the birds and feeling the grass beneath her feet. She was at a shelter for a long time and now she deserves to have a great home with love and caring and happiness for the rest of her life.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Stormy! Her parkour skills are phenomenal. Agile, athletic, she could be the next american ninja warrior cat. She's also super sweet, and loves to cuddle after she's worn herself out. A fan of laser pointers and toilet paper, she's about 3 mos old.


Amanda B is a lovely long haired tortoiseshell girl. She came to us declawed. She is about 10 years old and a social butterfly.

Amanda LOVES to be with people. She has been living in a quiet home with an elderly woman who recently had medical problems that means she cannot care for Amanda anymore. Amanda was the greeter in her house, welcoming friends in to visit and giving them the attention that friends should have. She is helpful with chores around the house and in general just a great cat. She has lived with other cats and dogs but she is happiest as the only one.  If you are looking for a very nice, social girl to join your settled home, please consider Amanda Blake.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444



Louis is available for adoption in Kenai/Soldotna. he came to us from the shelter, already microchipped, turns out his former owner left him behind when they moved to the lower 48 and do not want him back. He is a total sweetie, craves attention and petting. He is wonderful with people and should be fine with nice kids. He is at Petco in Soldotna, where he has seen dogs and seemed ok with them. He is 3 1/2  yrs old, neutered and vaccinated, ready to go home! 907 398 9128


Pirate! A beautiful medium haired torbie girl--tabby with lovely shades of orange and gold blended in to her coat.

Hands down, she is the most tolerant cat I've ever come across. Yes, she's missing a paw and has a wonky eyelid, but she's loving, mellow, and totally rad. She's about two years old and deserves a great home. She will need a safe place to go outside in nice weather.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898



Stella is a 7 yo female. Her owner said she’s good with dogs (they had a small chihuahua). Perhaps good with other cats if given time and a good introduction. She belonged to a 17 yo girl, so not sure about small children. Affectionate when she gets to know you.

In Eagle River. Call 980-8898


Willow is a beautful Maine Coonish looking girl with the classic Maine Coon coat and a great personality. She is about 8 years old.

Willow is a nice girl with excellent house manners. She is a wonderful companion and ready to be a forever family member. She wants to give love and bond with her person, be devoted and loving forever with a happy family that will take her into their home and hearts. She can tolerate another cat but would prefer to be the only one. We don't know about dogs. She will need a safe yard to go outside and enjoy her cat-ness when the weather is nice.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Grace! Not much older than her kittens, Grace is a great cat. She spent the first month hiding under a bed, only coming out at night. After a few midnight encounters where we both scared the crap out of each other, she decided to brave the daylight. It turns out she likes people, a lot; especially ones that feed her. She LOVES her toy mice and would probably make a great hunter. She's playful, sweet, and loving, but a little shy of strangers. Take a chance on Grace, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


Thomas is a buff/orange tabby, about 2 year old. He's a solid big guy with a handsome ivory-marked face.
Thomas likes to play with other cats, best with another cat that also likes to play so his advances are welcomed. He is used to living with a labrador dog, who is an old lady dog. He likes to be outside about 75% of the time, but he did like to sleep with the little 9 year old girl in his former home.  He will sit in laps on his own terms, but generally is very independent.  He is very vocal in the morning until he gets his treats and is offered a chance to go outside.
In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Spring is a lovely little girl about 5 months old. She is a little fluffy, super soft, and as sweet as can be.

Spring is wonderful. She is bright and funny and loving and cuddly and great with other cats. She loves to race around with her friends and bring joy to the world. She will be an amazing family kitty. She will need another fun feline in her new home and a safe yard to go out in when the weather is fine.

In Palmer. Call 350-8089


With a little extra weight comes extra love. That is what Golden Boy tells us anyway. He is about 3 years old, has a easy going personality, and loves attention. He likes to sleep on the bed at night and will sit on the sofa with you to relax. He would love a safe yard where he could burn off some calories. He does great with both cats and dogs.

In Palmer. Call 863-1444


Gray Laser Eyes is a sleek beautiful black boy with a few extra pounds. He is diabetic and needs insulin each day but that does not change his amazing sweetness.

Gray Laser Eyes is a wonderful boy who is fine with other nice cats and dogs and people. He loves to cuddle. He would sit on your lap and give you cheek rubs for as long as you like. He's maybe 7 or 8 and he still likes to get a little silly from time to time, play with a toy, entertain his family. He amazingly settled into a home with LOTS of big dogs without much problem at all. He would love to outside and do a little hunting, get some fresh air, enjoy the pleasures of a yard. He is just about the perfect cat with a great personality.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Lizzie is a super sweet, friendly kitty, she was found out fending for herself, we advertised looking for her owner, and no one has come forward, so she is now available for adoption. Her age is unknown, but could be between 1 and 5 years. She is in good health, and is spayed, current on vaccinations and microchipped. Wonderful with people and does not seem to mind dogs. Cats are unknown. Available in Kenai, 907 398 9128.


Thunder! Feel the Thunder, he's super soft. Playful and friendly, he's an easy-going guy that loves Christmas lights, and rocking out to Imagine Dragons. (Or at least he tolerates it really well...). Just over 3 mos old.


Tallie is an adorable little calico girl about 8 months old. She is short haired and very neat with a cute cap and pretty patches of color.

Tallie is a very sweet, loving shy girl. She LOVES to play......with a laser or mouse on a string or with another playful kitty. She romps around like a silly girl and enjoys racing from one safe room to another. Even though she is uneasy around sudden or strange noises and activities, she is ready to begin the adventure of a new home and family. She wants to have a family of her own and be loved by them; she is ready to give her heart. She would love to be adopted with her best friend, Arnie, but another friendly welcoming kitty to be her companion would be fine too, particularly if it was someone who would play gently and have fun with her. When she has bonded with her people and the weather is nice in the spring, she will need a safe place to go outside to hunt and play and race through the grass.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Solar is a very bashful kitty about 5 months old. She is okay with other cats. It will take some time to earn her trust. She has had all her shots and is chipped and spayed   Very sweet kitty. For more information call 232-1337 or 980-8898


Milo is a handsome boy with a super soft fluffy coat in gray and white. He is about one year old.

Milo does OK with other cats but is very laid back and doesn't play with them. His approach to dogs is to ignore them. He would be fine with another mellow cat , a dog that doesn't get in his face, or by himself. He will need a safe place to go outside come spring and a family who will adore him. He's absolutely wonderful.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444


James is cute ragdoll mix boy about 7 months old. He has an ivory coat and sky blue eyes.

James is the classic ragdoll, so easy and lovable and gentle and sweet. He easily fits into a loving family of cats and mellow dogs. He loves to cuddle and he loves to play. So he will need a family with another fun welcoming cat, and humans who have time to give him loving attention. He loves to go outside and play and hunt in the summertime so he will need a safe yard to go.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Larry is a fluffball of love! Golden like the sunrise, he is maybe a year or two old and gorgeous.

Larry is a sweet boy who came from a colony of cats. He really would like a girl cat friend who would welcome him into the home and be his companion. He loves his people. He loves to hang out with them and get cuddles. And he loves to go outside and help with garden chores, maybe even take care of any rodent problem. He is a friendly and lovable boy ready for a great forever family.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444.


Jake is a darling little flame point Siamese boy about 4 months old. He is adorable with big blue eyes and cute orangey points.

Jake is a sweetie who is a little shy. He wants to be loved. He LOVES to be loved by his people, the ones he knows and trusts. He especially loves to play and race and romp with his kitty friends. He enjoys toys and fun activities like bird on a string hunting and chasing. He will need a family who will give him time to get adjusted to a new family, a feline friend in his new home, and a safe yard to go out in when spring comes where he and his buddy can race like the wind across the grass and leaves. He's ready to be happy and loved forever.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Tinygirl is beautiful. She resembles a Savannah cat in many ways. She is a long lean kitten about 4-5 months old.

Tinygirl is delightful. She has all the joyous moves of a kitten--racing, leaping, flying through the house with kitty friends. And climbing......she loves to climb. She is a sweetie with her people when she knows that they are her people and will be a great friend and companion. She will also be an excellent little huntress who needs a safe place to go outside as well as a kitty friend in her new home.

In Palmer. Call 350-8089


Arnie is a fluffy cute as a button boy about 8 months old. He's soft and colored like a creamsicle, all orangey and ivory.

Arnie is a love. He adores being loved by his people and will snuggle and purr. He might take a minute to get used to a new household, but once he's settled in, he is a sweetheart cuddlebug. He is great with other nice cats. Once he has bonded to his new family, he will need a safe place to go outside and enjoy the spring and summer.  He would love a friendly cat companion and his lifelong companion Tallie would be his first choice. But another feline friend would be okay.

In Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Tatters is a beautiful calico girl, always neat and well groomed. She is about 3 years old.

Tatters ended up homeless, living at a dog kennel, for over a year. Whether abandoned or lost, she is a friendly girl who just wants to have a real home of her own. She does fine with other mellow cats and dogs too. She clearly knows how to hunt and could be a help with rodents in her new home. But she never wants to be abandoned outside again with no one to love her. Tatters need a loving family who has a safe area for her to go outside in, and a warm cozy home and heart to share with this sweet girl for the rest of her life.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Gemma is a lovely sleek tabby girl with a neat short haired coat. She is about a year or two old.

Gemma is a classic spirit cat. She LOVES other cats and does fine with mellow dogs. And she does love her people. She is used to being in a home with people, hanging out with the other cats, playing and exploring the house. She can enjoy being pet by her trusted human at times, but generally her love is shown by being in the company of her people, by sharing a home and family. She loves to share the happiness of having a home and life together. To Gemma, her humans are part of her colony, her family. She loves them in her cat like way and will be devoted to them. She will need a loving patient person who will give her time to adjust to a whole new life and family. She will need cat friends and a safe place to go outside. She is an excellent hunter.

In Wasilla. Call 631-1901


Coco is ready for a loving home. She is about 5 months old   She likes to play but when done likes to snuggle. She has had all her shots and is chipped and spayed. Good with people and other cats. For more information call 232-1337 or 980-8898


Oliver is full of it. He loves to play, very friendly and likes other cats  He is looking for a home where he can cuddle. About 5 months old. Has shots chips and neuter. To meet him or for more information call 232-1337


Pergy is a beautiful girl with soft white fur and little dashes of gray on her head. She is probably a couple years old.

Pergy is an intelligent and independent cat who loves her people very much. She is ready to bond with a happy family and be their special kitty. She likes to ride of people's shoulders, hang out with them while they watch moves, and would very much like to share some outside activities with them. She is an excellent huntress and would be thrilled to have a place to hunt and be the protector of the property. She does okay with other cats and dogs but doesn't seem to have any interest in being buddies. She will need a yard to go outside at times and a human who wants a loving companion.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Creamsicle is an adorable little flame-point Siamese girl with blue eyes, almost 3 months old.

Creamsicle is a cutie. She is a happy, playful little girl who loves to cuddle when he's not busy racing around the house with her kitty friends. She's curious and full of joy. Shee started out in a colony where there were not many possibilities for a good life. But now she has a chance to be someone adored little boy forever. She loves other kitties and doggies and even the pig! She is a little shy with strangers, but given a chance to get to know you and love you, she will be a wonderful little one to join your settled family. She will need kitty friend in her new home and a safe place to go outside when the weather is fine. (She has some very cute siblings who she would be happy to go to a home with too!)

She's in Wasilla. Call 980-8898


Sadie is a beauty! A snowshoe Siamese with luminous blue eyes and snow white feet, she is about 5 years old.

Sadie is an intelligent and charming girl with a need for lots of love and an independent streak. She is lovable and affectionate with her people. She would be best without other cats or dogs.  Sadie has an allergy that causes her skin to break out at times. In foster she has been on a restricted diet, and has had a steroid shot to help her heal and now she is doing great. A kind and loving human would be her perfect family, preferably adults although she has lived with children in her previous life. She will definitely need a safe place to go outside to enjoy the pleasures of nature.

In Kenai.



Mystery is a long legged black and white boy, lean and wonderful. He is missing one eye due to a dog attack. But that hasn't bothered his great attitude toward life.

Mystery is such a sweet guy. He loves other cats and even though he had a bad experience with dogs, he still does love smaller gentle dogs. He is friendly and happy and would be an excellent companion for a kind person, including a child, and a great addition to any happy family. He does need a safe place to go outside when the weather is nice. He is a good hunter. Probably a couple years old.

In Anchorage. Call 980-8898


Skeeter is a cutie! He's the littlest of his litter. Short black hair, slim and so sweet. He is about 13 weeks old.

Skeeter is a darling. He was the first of his litter to cuddle up and purr with people. He's an adventurous romper of the first degree. He loves to play with his siblings. But he also loves to cuddle up with his people and be a snuggie bug. He loves to sleep with his people and prefers under the covers. When the toy mouse on a string comes out, he is right there to fly in the air after it. He loves to wrestle with his kitten friends and race like crazy. He wants to grow up to be a hunter and will need a safe yard to go out in when spring comes. And he will need a kitty friend to play with in his new home.

In Homer but can travel for a good home. Call 980-8898


Eva is a sweet 4 month old spayed female kitten, she loves to purr and loves to play. She is a long hair gray tabby with a white nose and furry ears. She must go to a home with another kitten or cat friend, and have a safe outdoor area to play in when the weather is nice. She is in Kenai, 907 398 9128