Gypsy is a lovely tuxedo girl, black and white in the prettiest design–a collar and little white feet.

Gypsy is a wonderful young girl about a year old. She came from a colony of cats and she loves other nice cats. She would be an excellent mentor and beloved friend of another nice cat. And she is a sweetie with her trusted people though she is skittish around sudden movements and loud noises. She will need a settled quiet home without small children. She can be pet and she can even be picked up (though it’s not her favorite thing in the world). She likes to hang out on the sofa at the feet of her human and purr. She has great house manners, only scratches the scratching post and simply goes to her safe place when she needs time to herself. She is okay with a mellow dog in the home. She will need a safe place to go outside with her people once she has adapted to her new home. She will also need a cat friend.

In Anchorage.