Meet GRAYBEAR, a 7-8 month old kitten companion who needs a forever home. He has soft gray fur, the purrfect Russian Blue coat.

Graybear is a ‘spirit cat’, one that will steal his way into your heart even though heĀ  won’t let you touch him at first, (since everything is going to be on his terms). He will be your ever-present friend, running around your feet or playing (or grooming) your other cat. He LOVES his hoomans, especially his one person whom he chooses as his own. And he LOVES his cat friend and must have one. He is very playful and loves small toys that he can carry in his mouth, because he is a little predator who will likely want to hunt when it’s warm outside. Graybear will need a friendly feline friend to teach him how to do this, so you must have a yard if you want this little ball of fur.

He’s in Anchorage. Call 960-0096