Coobear is a big structured boy, not fat at all. But big footed, tall and big boned. He has a silky coat in black and white with handsome markings. He is a gorgeous guy with the body structure and temperament of a Maine Coon.

Coobear is a nice boy. He is so easy and mellow. He tends to fit into a cat family easily, willing to be friends with whoever will befriend him He loves to play and would enjoy a playful cat friend. He and his buddy will race around the house after each other, and wrestle and romp. He tries to be gentle but he can get excited and carried away. He loves to talk and will walk around cooing comment about things. He likes to accompany his people, up stairs, down stairs, sweeping, shoveling, inspecting all activities to make sure they meet his standards. He sleeps at the bottom of the bed and purrs for a touch. He will need a safe yard to go outside; he loves to go out. And will also need a family that will brush him to make sure he doesn’t develop mats. He’s a great cat that will do well in any happy family.

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