Cinder is a handsome Russian Blue boy. Sleek, gorgeous, about a year old.

Cinder was raised as an only kitten and he has some of the effects of that lack of socializing with other cats. He is a sweet lovable boy who loves his people. But he behaves erratically at times, nipping for what seems like no apparent reason. He does not seem to intend to hurt anyone but he just act at times like a spoiled child, taking his frustration out on those he loves the most. He didn’t have cat friends from the time he was a tiny kitten so there was no one to show him, in cat manner, how to behave to other cats or to people. ┬áHe can get along with other cat at times. But he does not understand cat language so he gives off wrong signals and creates odd situations where other cats don’t know what he is up to. Cinder is a young guy with lots of teenage boy energy and he absolutely does need a safe place to go outside and hunt, explore, find activities that will help him be a natural cat. And he will do fine in a family who will teach him, just with words, that it is not okay to nip at people. Not a cat for little kids, but for adults who would be willing to help this sweet guy learn how to be a cat, he will be a wonderful family member. All he needs is a chance.

In Palmer.