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Tim is a sleek haired boy with an ebony coat. He is about 5 years old. He came to us declawed.

Tim is a lover. At first it was hard to tell. He was in so much pain. Tim had a bad declaw at some point in his life and it has caused him to suffer so much that he didn’t want to walk around and he felt fearful and depressed. He was taken to the pound because his human thought he just needed a different kind of home where he would be happy; there was no consideration that he was in pain. We rescued him and once in foster, given supplements to help with inflammation and some pain meds to give him some relief, he started to show what a loving sweet boy he really is. He is okay with other cats and mellow dogs, but he doesn’t need to be intimidated by others. He is SO affectionate with his people, just a wonderful boy.

Tim will have special needs his whole life. He will always need to be given a supplement, like glucosamine, to help control the inflammation from the declaw. He may need pain meds from time to time; a vacation from pain is very helpful for those who have a debilitating condition (like declaw) in order for them to enjoy life and be able to function normally. He will need lots of love and he will need a safe place to go outside; he loves to go out and walk in the grass and have the joyful diversion of the natural world.

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