Camo is a long lean muscular boy. His dad is a Siamese mix which is so obvious in his classic elegant Siamese physique. He has short  silky hair that is black but marked with subtle tiger stripes across his back and sides. He is named for that handsome camouflage effect. He is about 13 weeks old.

Camo is a super sweet little guy. Often he is too busy to reveal his lovey side. He is a racing, jumping, climbing amazement. He can fly across the room from one piece of furniture to another effortlessly, as if he is naturally airborne. He is crazy to hunt and knows how to catch rodents. He is just fine with other cats, even the big cats in the house who are testy. He just flits on by and does his own thing. He does love to play with his siblings and spends a lot of time romping and wrestling with them. But when he’s tuckered out, he will nestle up with his person and purr away.¬† He loves to sleep by their side. He will need a safe yard to hunt in and a feline friend in his new home.

In Homer but he can travel for the right family. Call 980-8898