Callie is a beautiful long haired calico girl with a darling face. She came to us declawed on all four feet. She is about 8 years old.

Callie is the sweetest thing. She loves to be pet and she is very playful with her people. She will purr her little heart out to be loved and cared for. She doesn’t do well in a busy home. But she doesn’t want to retire to doing nothing. She enjoys a little fun with her family, some enjoyable activities and a whole lot of snuggling up. Callie was in a shelter with lots of other cats for a while and she was intimidated by many, so she will need a home as the only or with another very mellow and welcoming cat who will not be aggressive with her. And probably best without a dog unless it is a dog that tends to imitate a rug. This wonderful cat so needs a family of her very own to love.

In Wasilla. Call 863-1444