Butterfly is a gorgeous little fluffy tortoiseshell girl. She is super soft with fur like cashmere. She’s about 13 weeks old.

Butterfly is a curious explorer with an independent nature. She loves to play with her siblings and likes to snuggle up with them when it’s time to nap. But she can often be found exploring on her own, away from the crowd of sisters and brothers. She is curious about all things and needs to jump on everything and crawl into every crevice to see what’s inside. She is a smart little girl who is quite the little huntress.  Although she sleeps on her humans’ bed and loves to be pet, she is not fond of being carried around. She loves to play with a toy mouse on a string with her people and she has the cutest little ways of peeking around the corner to get your attention and then racing off. She’s a charmer. She will need a cat friend in her new home and a good safe place to go outside and hunt and explore when summer comes.

In Homer but she can travel for a good family. Call 980-8898