Bagheer is a great BIG gorgeous shiny black boy about 5 years old. He is long haired with the look and the stature of a a Maine Coon.

Baghee has been a well loved cat but his humans had some unexpected life changes and hardships and sadly could not keep him. Initially shy he is a gentle giant who warms up quickly and enjoys being pet and brushed.  Friendly but not necessarily a snuggle bug. Usually prefers to warm the foot of the bed and keep watch. He loves to help around the kitchen in the mornings to make sure breakfast is on time, and then nap until it’s time to help his people in their afternoon and evening activities. He loves to be helpful. He also loves to go outside, sometimes even when it’s snowy or rainy, but particularly in summer when he would spend half the day hunting and exploring.

He can hear the slightest rattle of the treat bag or treat drawer opening and comes running at full speed. He’s an intelligent cat who likes to call the shots.  Goes crazy over feathered toys and catnip.  We find toy mice scattered around the house. Does not really care for dogs or other large male cats who come into his space.  In younger years he spent time in a home with younger cats and they were good friends. In his former home, he was picked up by kids but he prefers adult attention. Curious and surprisingly agile for a large cat.  Likes to hop up onto windowsills to watch the great outdoors like a smash hit movie. Very quiet except when letting you know he’s hungry!  Adores all who feed him:)

He is in Wasilla. Call 980-8898