Aspen is an adorable young guy in black and white with the cutest harlequin face. He is about a year old.

Aspen is a hunter and a lover. He is GREAT with his people. And he absolutely does love to go outside and check out the territory. He learned hunting skills as a kitten from his mom, and now that he’s grown he is ready to go out and be a hunting cat. He also enjoys his time inside snuggling up with his family. And he likes to play (honing his hunting technique). He has lived with other cats who he did well with, but he is a young guy with a lot of energy and might be too much for an older reserved cat who doesn’t appreciate teenage boy play. He may be okay with a very mellow dog. Aspen has lots of curiosity and energy and needs a home with plenty of space to explore and be a cat. ┬áThat, and human family with love to share will make his life purrfect.

In Anchorage.