Angus is a gorgeous blue eyes flame point Siamese. He is sleek and handsome with creamy soft fur. Probably about 3 or 4 years old.

Angus is a gentle soul who loves humans – even large groups of teenagers. He wants to be the center of attention when there are guests and charm his way into as many back rubs as possible. Young children stress him out though. Angus is the most quiet and content cat I’ve ever met – unless his space is invaded by another 4 legged creature. Then he goes into full fight or flight mode. He will sometimes play a bit with a toy mouse, but snuggling into a soft blanket is the preferred way to pass the time. He’s quick to climb into an available lap and start his purring machine. He’ll gladly warm a spot on your bed and snuggle close until morning. He’s a bit curious about the outdoors, but happy to step back inside after a small dose of fresh air. With his irresistibly soft silky coat, dashing blue eyes, and easy-going personality, he’s sure to be a great companion warming your heart and home.

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