Angus is a gorgeous blue eyes flame point Siamese. He is sleek and handsome with creamy soft fur. Probably a year or two old.

Angus has had a checkered past. Most of it mysterious but then he appeared under a porch, and hung out there for quite a while when the nice lady put food out for him. We know he knows how to hunt, and we assumed that he wanted to spend a lot of time outside being a hunting guy. But once he got in a foster home, he became Mr Leisure. He is happy to hang out in a warm soft spot and snooze and purr the day away. He is fine with other cats who don’t try to get in his face and make a nuisance of themselves. Okay with mellow dog. Good with nice kids. Just on an extended vacation. Next summer he may want to go out and be a great hunter again. Or he may declare himself retired from that life and continue with the excellent job he is doing of being a couch potato.